Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Just to update this blog, (and anyone who may read it or come across it anymore!) - The girls are all getting so big!! And so am I... 9 weeks left until we meet baby #5, the caboose of the Green Train. We are being surprised with gender again. Well, most of us are. Farrah is convinced it is for sure a boy. We enjoyed our summer of swim team and LOTS of pool time for this pregnant mama. 


Here are a few photos from the past couple of months. 

Farrah graduated from Pre-K this spring. She has since lost two teeth, with a third hanging on by a thread. She is starting Kindergarden this year! 




Julianne turned 2 this summer. She continues to be the sweetest thing and such a JOY to us all. I think we should have named her Julianne Joy. 





Bella just started second grade. We are still homeschooling and loving the flexibliby of that! Sometimes I feel crazy for doing it, but mostly I love it. :) Bella is the most helpful, sweetest, and thoughtful little kid I know. She is growing at school and at home so much!




Lisa said...

So glad to see your update and beautiful photos of your sweet family! Congratulations on your expected bundle of joy! Have a great school year!


So did you have a little boy or girl??

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