Monday, August 29, 2011

Pregnancy Update - 23 weeks & ultrasound

Oh, sweet girl.

We had an ultrasound today. Crazy how 4 weeks between each ultrasound can seem like both forever ago & like I just had one simultaneously. I was soooo eager to get news on Hallie today. Growth wise, we felt like we'd be able to see so much more and learn more about her. As much as I would like a doctor to tell me the future, it's not going to happen. They can only give their best educated guesses. And that is what we want. The more we know, the more research we can do and the more we can be prepared. We met with a new doctor. The past 3 ultrasounds have been with the same specialist, but we wanted to try someone new within the group. No one reason, we just felt like we wanted to hear from someone else.

So the new doctor was an older gentleman, and it was a good experience. He was great about answering our questions and we felt pretty at ease with him. Hallie was mover again today :). Basically we could see the hole in the heart and her cleft palate a little better. Her other organs look good and so does the fluid around her. He said that at this point, he doesn't see a reason for "demise in-utero" in the near future. That in his opinion, and I am paraphrasing to make this as simple as possible, that Hallie could very well make it to birth, or get very close. Time will only tell as she grows- and hopefully the fluid around her and the placenta cooperates to keep her comfortable. It's not that he is saying, "yes! she will make it to birth!" but he is saying that Hallie is doing well and he doesn't see any reason right now that concerns him.

I'm not sure how much I have explained about Trisomy 13 in my posts, so I hope all of this makes sense. T13 effects every cell in the body. It's not the heart or the cleft palate or anything ONE thing that is the problem- it's her whole body that is affected. She is special - and has an extra 13th chromosome in every cell. So this creates problems everywhere - her ability to breathe, eat, etc. Right now, my placenta is her life source. The outside world is where the problem is. I wish I could keep her safe forever inside of me. Until we meet her, I will enjoy every kick and know this is our special time together. And just pray that we get to meet her.

Baby is the size of: a large mango (Hallie is specifically estimated to be measuring about 1.1 lbs and about 1.5 weeks behind in size, which is a normal characteristic of Trisomy 13.)

Symptoms: Sore feet after standing/walking all day. Other than than some minor things, I love pregnancy in general.

Maternity clothes? yes, although this week I was almost exclusively in a bathing suit getting my white belly a tan :)

Sleep: I love sleep. I love naps.

Fun moment(s) this past week: The whole week was fun at the beach! I really enjoyed our night of "crab hunting" with the girls. They had little nets and we all had our own flashlights. The girls had never seen so many stars!

Movement: Yes, more and more. It's funny how much a little "mango" can move!

Food cravings: I've been craving/drinking more water lately, which is good, finally.

Gender & Name: Hallie! We haven't talked about middle names yet.

Weight gained: I don't even want to know after that vacation.

Belly Button in or out? I think it's ever so slowly starting to flatten out.

What I am looking forward to: Chris' cousin Brad is getting married to a wonderful girl named Maggie this weekend. It already feels like she's been part of the family forever. Chris, Brian & Bella are part of the wedding party and we are so honored. The wedding & whole weekend should be a blast!

Reflections on the past week: Doing well this week. It's hard for me to say that because at the beginning of all of this, I didn't think I could make it all the way through this pregnancy (and especially joyfully!) I think going on 10+ weeks of knowing our news, and letting it sink in (as much as it can), I am getting to a place of being ok. I know I can't change anything. Like any big trial in life, this makes me appreciate the blessings I do have in life. My goodness, I have a great little family. I don't go without. I have more than I deserve. And I know, as hard as this IS and WILL be, that Hallie is a blessing, too. She's taught us more, stretched us more, and made us rely on God more than ever. And I have a feeling that we're not the only ones that will learn from her.

I'm not 100% doing awesome, I don't mean to act like nothing is the matter. I have my times. I still kinda want to go unnoticed and not as a pregnant girl that strangers want to rub her belly & ask "when are you due?" And I really hurt for people going through this same thing, too. I am still scared of the future. I am scared to meet her and fall in love, but I'm also scared not to meet her. But I keep reminding myself that God has carried us this far, and He'll be there during even worse times.

Thank you for praying for us. It's kinda overwhelming, really. I am just blown away by the people that are praying for us & for Hallie. It's so cool to see, you have no idea.


Emily said...

I was one of the people who really didn't understand what T13 was so I think you did a GREAT job of explaining it here. Such great news to hear that she's growing and that the dr doesn't see that changing in the near future. I think how you feel is so much how all moms would feel - you want her just to live inside you forever to protect her. I'm sure this is so hard on Chris that really he can't help her in anyway, but so wonderful that you get to feel her move and enjoy these times with her. I'm so glad you write them all down so you can remember them for years to come!!!

Melissa McIver said...

Sweet Hallie!!! Seeing her picture makes me smile! It's so hard to not know what's coming and it's so easy to have so many fears and questions but just like you know, the sweet Lord already has his hand on her and you! I pray everyday that we will be able to meet Hallie! She has already touched my life and is teaching me to love and find joy in every single day!!!!

"I will not fear, His promise is true. My God will come through, always, always" -Kristian Stanfill- Always

That song makes me smile, cry and get goosebumps all at the same time!

Meghan said...

I am so glad to hear that Hallie is doing well! I know exactly how you feel about being afraid. I have so many different fears that this point and some contradict each other. I enjoy every little kick and nudge that I get and wish that she could stay safe inside me forever.
I pray that we both get to meet our baby girls!

I was just talking about reading Heaven is Real yesterday. Is it worth it? Right now I trying to find the energy to start reading The Gift of Time.

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

praying that God continues to give you the grace to handle this situation! you are so inspiring and I see the Lord in you!

little Hallie looks so precious and I pray God just keep her wrapped up in His arms..

Jill said...

Love seeing pictures of sweet Hallie, and always love hearing your heart as you walk through this. You are so right when you say you aren't the only ones who are going to learn from her. This little girl is already teaching ME, and so many others, so much. Continuing to pray for you, Hallie, and the rest of your precious family.

Anonymous said...


What a beautiful, perfect baby girl. I just checked in a few weeks ago to see how "The Little Green" family was doing and saw your news about Hallie. Please know that you are in our prayers. Eli and I pray for you, Hallie and the rest of the little Green family. I'm so inspired by your faith. The Lord really shines through you. I hope you know what an incredible woman and mother you are.

Rebecca L.

Lisa Marcia said...

You must get this a lot, but reading your posts is truly a blessing. I cry every time, but lately it hasn't been out of sadness, it's been out of a sense of overwhelming grace that you and Chris exude through this whole process. It's amazing to see God exemplified in people through times of trial...or just things we can't control.

Thank you for writing! It doesn't just help those going through something overflows into all other facets of life.

Continually in prayer for Miss Hallie :)

PS - We need to have our BBQ soon!

The Watsons said...

Desperately praying that you get to meet Hallie face to face, even if it's only for a short while. No matter the outcome, God has had a greater purpose in this, and you are glorifying Him in all you are experiencing. Blessings to all of you always.

elizabeth said...

ok- i tried to write a post to answer your question but God took me away on a tangent!
so i'll answer here;)
my care provider actually chose me. i am on a message board for moms who have had c-sections. kind of a support, recovery, and "how can i avoid another one of those things!!!" forum.
and i had been floundering- not decidind on a cp bc it brought birth that much closer to reality for me. i kept going to my peri appts- they did the pee, weigh, bp dance at every one so i felt covered for the time being.
then my dr(he is in the c-section community as his rates are really low and most of the vbac moms choose him) he sent me a personal message and then we talked on the phone. i just felt like i had this burden- that not alot of drs would take me on(or return my phone calls for that matter!) because i had this burden and they didn't want to share in it.
but dr. tate- he told me he cared for us(jedidiah and i) and he felt called to offer his services. he delivers out of emory midtown(and i DO NOT care for the nurses there!) and is just a gifted doctor with a profound faith in God.
i can't tell you who to choose. that will totally be up to you, your dh, and God. i pray He leads you to the best cp possible and one that supports your decision to the fullest!
-elizabeth (mom to jedidiah...and 7 others:)

Julie Tiemann said...

Love these updates to keep you guys in my prayers even when I'm distracted otherwise by our own lesser drama right now. Your faith is inspiring and humbling to me, as I don't feel I have respond as graciously in our struggle as you have to this. But I also find encouragement as I see how you are handling this with such grace. I totally hear you on the prayers thing - I've never been on the receiving end like this, and it feels awesome to be held up by others!!