Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hope From Hallie & Zumba-thon

The Hope From Hallie Zumba-thon is July 21st!! Click here to purchase tickets! (And childcare is provided if needed -- how awesome is that?!?)

Hi friends!!

So I have a friend, April, who LOVES Zumba and who just has such a giving heart. She contacted me a few months ago and volunteered to throw a Zumba-thon to help us with Hope From Hallie. I wasn't sure what that was at first, to be honest! THEN - I started to Zumba. And, I love it. As I'm sure anyone else who does it will tell you - they love it too. I am the type that needs to have a class to go to in order to work out. And I love to dance! It doesn't mean you have to dance well, either. Just have a good time!

Anyhow -- April has been so amazing. She may not read our blog, so I will tell you - she is like many of us - a mom and juggles so much. Three small kids. THEN, 2 foster children. I only tell you this because I think it's amazing she would do this for me on top of everything else. This is only one example of the GENEROSITY that has blessed us beyond measure with Hallie. I can't thank you all enough. And I don't just mean money you've given us. I mean the words, the prayer, remembering anniversaries, etc. I never would have guessed how many people would be touched by Hallie and would love on us.

On that note, I have a couple of things I would love to accomplish with Hope From Hallie:

1) Awareness. Not just of Trisomy 13, but of any "not compatible with life" diagnosis that women may get. Raising awareness that carrying to term is a very feasible option. Although doctors can be wonderful, information is not always passed on or even recommended. Even just having a blog about it is great, having so many women share their story.

2) (Excuse me if I've said any of this before) I basically kept anything Hallie touched. And sadly, all of that fits in a box. But the box itself was given to me by another Trisomy mother who was 4 months ahead of me on her journey. She knew what I would need. She knew I needed a box to put keepsakes in. I was also given a similar box in the hospital - one that was donated by a mother who lost a baby a year prior. She donated boxes, stuffed bears, etc. so that women wouldn't leave the hospital empty handed.
I am working on something specifically for these boxes - or to be given along to mothers who may experience a loss (not just Trisomy, but any infant loss or stillbirth). You may have seen these before - it's a pendant for a necklace or bracelet with the child's fingerprint. Something like this:

So I would like to have kits at the hospital to capture this for mothers. For those who may not be prepared or even for those who are prepared like we were. Anything that a mom can have that has her child's name or mark on it is precious.

So now... I'm in the process of learning how to do this! And what you have already given us 6 months ago was very very generous. So this Zumba-thon is to raise a little more - but to me - it's even more about seeing you and giving you a hug for all you've done!! Thank you for letting me help others in a special way!


Sunday, July 1, 2012

Photo dump

Sweet picture in Historic Oakland Cemetery before we moved:

We camped a couple of weekends ago at Chris' aunt & uncle's property. Fun first time doing this!


What can I say? I love matching outfits. I'm doing it while I can! These cute coverups are from GG!

And I got these for the beach this summer! OH MY GOSH cuteness overload. But I'm bias.

We love "Waffle's House"

My morning sunshines

My cute husband and I at a wedding this weekend. Love this man!

The wedding was out of town and I missed the girls, but uninterrupted time with my best friend is just wonderful! I'm a lucky girl.