Thursday, July 31, 2008

Not sure what day it is!

We have no cell signal here. It's nice. I forget what day it is. Our TV makes a terrible high pitched noise, so it has stayed off. (Chris wanted me to say, for his audio guys, it's 13.5K). If it weren't for internet access... we would be totally disconnected.

Not that it is quiet around here:

Our day starts EARLY! 6ish. So yesterday, Chris and I both got up and took Bella (in all of our pjs) to the beach for some early morning shots. It was cool to be the only ones on the beach and to see the sun rise!

Bella at the Beach, look at those teeth!!

In her personal pool:

She doesn't last long down here... saltwater and hands in the eyes don't mix well. She's here with Grandmother. (AKA Nana and Gmama)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Cape San Blas - Day Three

We're figuring this thing out. Vacation with a baby requires some level of scheduling, and yesterday, we sucked at it. It was a disjointed day, and we couldn't wait to get to bed to start fresh today.

Today's been great, and I even managed to read on the beach for a good was amazing. I also went to Piggly Wiggly to buy some food for TACO NIGHT. The weather has been nice, with intermittent 3-minute rain showers to cool off the air.

If you haven't been to Cape san Blas, and you love privacy, this is your place.

And...look at those beach night skies...nothing like it:

Monday, July 28, 2008

Cape San Blas - Day One

What a night. We didn't really get a whole lot accomplished before Bella went to bed on Saturday night. So, we started packing at about 8pm for our week-long trip to Florida. The McIver's were stopping by our house at 2:30am for our departure, and doing the math...that didn't leave much time for sleep.

After a few high-fives from the McIver boys, we left our house at 2:55am. We drove through the night only stopping for Waffle House coffee and bacon-egg-and-cheese-sandwiches at 4:30am in Phenix City, Alabama. (By the way, the WH was out of drink lids, ham, hamburger meat, and as I discovered on my way out...Coke. Tried to sneakily substitute Diet Coke...not on my watch.)

We arrived at Stephanie and Perry's house (aunt and uncle) around 8:00am, and we had a good ol' southern breakfast before promptly departing for Grandmom's and Grandpop's house, just minutes up the road in the thriving metropolis of Wewahitchka, FL. Let me remind you of our favorite establishment there, "Club Wewa," which is located on the broad side of a gas station.

Grandmom isn't doing so well, but it was great to see her toughing it through for us...(you're in our prayers, Grandmom). Carl (Grandpop) is such a trooper...and is taking great care of Grandmom.

After a couple of 10-minute-long naps, we finally dispatched to Cape San Blas around 3:00pm, Saturday...tired, grumpy, hungry, and a bit excited.

And, we found time to sneak in a 5-minute photo shoot of Bella in the late afternoon sunlight. Enjoy.

Bella looking out the window at the beach:

Bella is standing up on her own:

Sunday, July 27, 2008


We are headed to Cape San Blas with family this week. First stop: Wewahitchka to visit Grandmom and Grandpop! (Yes, that is a town.)

This might be a week of some good posting, or I might take a break from it completely. I'm not sure yet. Either way, we should get some nice pics to share. :)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Aubrey Ciara Schaub

I am so excited. Our friends Beth & Kyle started a blog!

Beth and Kyle moved in next to Chris and I when we were in our first year of marriage and in a new apartment. They, too, were newlyweds - but were in a totally new city and state. They moved to Atlanta from Michigan while Kyle was doing his residency. They now reside in Sarasota where Kyle works in a practice for optometry.

The Schaub's were our first "couple friends" - you know, when you get married, all 4 of you have to get along. We had such great chemistry with Kyle and Beth. We have always felt Kyle and Beth were put next door to us in this large apt complex, in this huge city, for a reason. The four of us were like roommates. Seriously - we watched tv together (Newlyweds! Beth loved her some Jessica and Nick) in our pj's, shopped, played golf/tennis, ate a lot, did Buckhead church in the old grocery store and had great talks. It was kinda like college days or like the Real World. Beth introduced me to so many fun things, and I just love her to death. They will forever be a part of the "first fun year of marriage memories". Good times.

Anyways... that is my ode to Beth! :) We talked today and it just reminds me how special that time was together. And I miss them. Sigh. Good friends are great.

And now... they are parents! Aubrey is so beautiful and perfect. I can't wait to meet her. Check out their blog for some fun videos and pictures of their first days together!

Thursday, July 24, 2008


My Granddad grew up in Grant Park. I love hearing his stories. When I told him about the pool being redone, he was telling me about how the pool used to be "acres" - I thought he just meant it was a lot bigger - but he wasn't kidding!!! This is all concrete - and you could even get a small boat in there!! It's sad that this is gone now, but it's cool to hear the stories about it!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Our neck of the woods

Here's a little bit of our neighborhood. As much as I will sound sarcastic, we do love it down here. It's just humorous sometimes!

Let's see... to start... we have an amazing shopping center with a great Target, Barnes & Noble, Kroger, Lowes, Ru Sans, Willy's, Coldstone, and Five Guys... you get the picture. We use all of these often. On the way there, though, look at this classyness, San Diego:
"Stay Fly: Clothing, Apparel and Rims"

And once you get to Target, you might see something like this:

And then on your way back, you might catch a glimpse of someone who wants to blast his music and not turn on the A/C.

Now, something I am pumped about!! Our pool (actually, it's a public/city pool) just got a huge renovation. So huge that it just opened back up July 4th. But it's awesome! It has a zero-entry kiddie pool. Meaning, it slowly gets deeper. It is great because Bella can crawl in the water! I have been very excited because we can walk to the pool and it's a fun after work activity for all 3 of us.

I can walk to the Masterson's. I can walk to my aunt's house.
You may have seen the news about this big fire on our street Friday morning. It's sad; one of the ladies had lived here over 60 years.

We have great neighbors. Kirstin and Mike just got engaged a couple of weeks ago!

They are moving to Australia for 4 years in a couple of months! We will miss them but are happy for them and the opportunity.
And Bella fits right in!

Link Love

A couple of weeks ago, I accidently deleted ALL my links to your blogs! I have been going through them - but I am sure I have left off some - let me know if you want to be linked!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I love this little girl so much.
She crawls to me when I come home, waves at us (and herself in the mirror) and her cute laugh is so fun.
Here she is eating peas and waving. :)

Mom, let me eat! :)

Monday, July 14, 2008

9 month well check

Bella had her 9 month check up today. Everything looks and is going great. She's still small, but Dr. said it is perfectly normal for breastfed babies and she looks great! She weighed in at 15 pounds 15 oz (10th percentile) and 28.25 inches long (90th percentile).

Bella is crawling everywhere now!! And my friend Jaycie reminded me last night to give her some pots and pans; she had just done the same with her son Morgan and he had a blast. ...And she loves it. She bangs on them with a big spoon. Then with any other toy nearby. Anything to keep her sitting still for two seconds! She is fast!

We had a busy day at the doctors office, then Kroger, then at Cactus for TWO HOURS (they are so slow!) getting the oil changed and car washed. After that and making dinner, I am pooped! I really need to get to bed earlier. Especially since doc can't fix a wake-up time for Bella. I've been in denial, but I think her internal clock is fixed - at 6am on the nose. I keep hoping it is the 4 teeth that are coming in. We'll see once they're all in if the time changes back to 7:00 or 7:30. I've just never been a morning person, but I guess I gotta start. Think I'll start tonight.

Here's us having a self-portrait today:

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Bella turned 9 months yesterday. We can't believe it!

It's fun to see her little personality come out more - and also a little sad to see her grow up! She's becomes a tad more independent everyday- although she still loves to cuddle and loves her Mama and Da-Da (Da-Da is her fav word, too!!)

Bella has 4 teeth coming in right now - two are sticking out just past the gums and 2 more are right behind it. So although it's hard sometimes going to sleep, I secretly love the clinginess and hugs she needs.

  • Bella is now crawling all over the house! She loves chasing Astro because he's not very fast. She thinks it is so funny.

  • She's pulling up on us and standing up quickly, but really just on us, not on objects (crib).

  • She's started some finger foods - loves sweet peas, carrots, sweet potatoes and mango. She's not so much a fan of banana. I am not sure if it's the taste or the mushiness of picking them up!

  • She waves "hey"

  • She gives GREAT kisses! To us and to a baby doll. I think she'd give them to the dogs if she could catch them.

  • She's a water baby. Mama loves that! Our neighborhood pool just was renovated and we are pumped! (Another blog coming soon)

Here are some pictures from yesterday, her true 9 month day:


I am so in love with this little person. I can't imagine life without Bella Reese. Her laughs and giggles light up my world; her babble and cry melts my heart. I absolutely love being a mom and I'm grateful for everyday I have on this earth with her.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

July 4th Got Owned

We owned July 4th this year. No wimping out because we have a baby.

We packed up the truck on Thursday evening and headed to Athens to hang out with Kelly and Bobby, Tangy (TAN-JEE), and Morgan. On Friday we did, however, wimp out on fireworks, and decided to hang around KelBob's house instead. After Astro decided to run away for bout an hour just after dark, we hunted him down, and then...hit the sack. Jealous?

I didn't pull out the camera until the last day, bout an hour before we left, but it was good fun. We wrapped up our thrilling weekend with a great dinner at California Pizza Kitchen at Atlantic Station with the Green's. Welp, I'm out of are some pics.

She's so fun:

But it's not always giggles:

Bella loving on Astro:


Tangy and Bandit:

Bella and Bobby:

The Green's:

B Green getting some love on the blog:

And finally...people laughing...

We love you very long time.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Pool Partay!!

Tonight marked our first annual small group pool partay. Although the Mirabella's, and of course, Shannon, couldn't be there, we still managed to have a good time. Just sharing some highlights.

Bella's first go at watermelon:

Bella's first wagon ride:

Connell enjoying his watermelon, too:

Caleb giving me the Blue Steel look (this could be "Magnum"):

Had a great time!