Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Thanksgiving was fun! We spent Wed night with the Green's. Wednesday day was preparation day - all the women come together to cut, peel, prepare and cook. We arrived late because Bella was sick!! But I was able to help with the homemade mac and cheese and deviled eggs :) I think deviled eggs were my "thing" this year. I brought them to 3 family events. ha!
Chris' mom's side of the family came over Thursday to the Green's and we ATE IT UP! :) It was a beautiful day! Bella was still running a high temp, but it didn't really slow her down.
Thanksgiving night, we headed just down the way to my Grandmother's house. There, we ate again - and it was just as yummy!!! I love Thanksgiving food. Or, food.

Here are a few random shots. One of our lenses is in the shop! So, it may not seem like a big deal - but Chris is limited :)

I think we are in trouble. With both of them. SASS!

Gotta love the turkey bows I scored off Esty last year:

With (second) cousin Gracie

Their wedding is getting so close!! I can't wait to have another great sister!

Chelsie modeling Grandmother's tree. Her tree is always SOOO beautiful, along with her whole house. She actually gets paid to decorate other people's homes this time of year. She's so good at it!! And, it looks even better with that hottie in front of it. ;)

By the end of Thanksgiving night, I was the kind of tired that I call "almost-in-tears-tired"

I am so thankful for all sides of our family - that there is so much tradition in the Green's getting together and the women cooking. And, this was my first Thanksgiving without my Grandmom. :( So I am thankful that my other Grandmother got us all together this year. Thanksgiving was always my dad's mom - "Grandmom's" holiday - I did miss her fruit salad this year. Next year! I will make it!

Bella coughed and coughed and her temperature was so high for three days. She's better now, after being diagnosed with strep. But we have seen our FAIR share of the doctor the last few weeks!! We go again tomorrow for their 1 and 3 year well checks!! I had to take Farrah in Monday for the blood work for allergy testing. Wish me luck with shots tomorrow!!!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Farrah's First Birthday Party

Farrah's Birthday Party was a "Pink Bear" Theme... (coming from the monthly pictures). The decorations came out just as I wanted them to, and the weather couldn't have been better! I had first envisioned a small family party, but then of course didn't want to jip Farrah of celebrating her first year like we did Bella! We had a great crowd - LOTS of family and just a few family/kids. But it was filled with people who LOVE Farrah for sure!!
The pictures above we staged after the party (after the table cloths were removed, etc.) I didn't get a picture of the cute food - cupcakes with chocolate bears on the top, pink rice krispie treats, cute cups, etc. We had chili and a few different snacks.
Oh! And then I found the perfect dress! A pink toile dress with bears on sale at Gymboree!
The Greens
Ice Cream!
(that sister loved to feed her)
Smash Cake:
Bear Cake
I stripped her down because this was the first time in the day the camera came out. I didn't want to get any on that dress before pics!!
She DID not like all the attention on her!
Melissa's mom let us borrow their jumpy house again! It was perfect! Thank you, Amanda and Doug!!!
Farrah_Jumpy House portrait
A couple of friends joined us! AbigailFarrah_AbigailAmelie_JumpyHouse
Uncle Ryan:
Nana and GDaddy:
Farrah's Pretty Aunts: Chelsie and Melissa
Lots of thoughtful gifts!
"Talking" on her phone

We enjoyed celebrating her first year! This party was so much fun to do. Thanks for all the family and friends who helped make the day special.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Cheesecake Farrah

This might be one of my favorite videos, ever.

I was baking for Farrah's birthday party on Friday night, and noticed she had somehow gotten a cheesecake pan around her. I took a video and she was telling me all about it!

She's like, "Why are you asking me these questions again when I'm stuck in a pan?"

Chris is working on a subtitled video :)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Farrah is Twelve Months!

Doesn't she look so much older here?

And, do you think she's glad these pictures are over? :) :)

This month, Farrah:
-got teeth #6 and #7
-had her first ear infection
-is still at two naps
-sleeping so much better at night
-learned to go up the stairs
-learned to turn around and go down the stairs
-crusing along furniture much more confidently
-learned how to perfect screaming every time Bella comes near her, so that I get onto Bella :)
-still a mama's girl
-turbo crawler
-still super flexible, but checked out fine with doctors
-first and maybe last Peanut Butter and Jelly :(

She is awesome! I am so glad we did these monthly pictures, because life with 2 is CRAZYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday to my sweet sweet sweet love, Farrah Kate Green!












Wednesday, November 17, 2010


This weekend, we went to CornDawgs!
All my blogger friends said good things about it, and my cheap self had saved a $2/off coupon back in like September! I thought when I saw it, it would be a fun outing to do a corn maze and pumpkin farm or something in October. I had no idea until I heard people talking about it that it had so much more. Then, I also had no idea it was open until Nov 14!! And I guess no one else knew either, because it was not busy at all! And, they made the tickets $10! So, with our little ones and coupons, we got in for $16.
They had a petting zoo, bounce houses, a corn pool!, and our favorite was the "red neck slide" for lack of a better name. It was fun!!

It made for a good outing to tire some kiddos out!

Then, last night, we went to see a drive thru Christmas light show. It was synced with 6 Christmas songs. I guess like the Lake Lanier or Callaway Gardens show. (I can't remember if I've been to those??) But it's like $25 to do them, but the word on the street here in L'ville is that a coupon came with the water bill to get in free this week only. So that's what we did for a little fun surprise with the girls on a rainy Monday night. And there were maybe 10 other cars at the same time! It was awesome, the girls loved it!!!

So, I guess I am so cheap that I like a pumpkin patch place in Novemeber and Christmas lights when it's still 70 degrees :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Eventful, Crazy Day!

So this morning, I took Farrah in to the pediatric orthopedic to get her flexibility checked out. The doctor said she's "loosy goosy" which is what my pediatrician said! She's fine. :) It was a super short appt, and now I can just go sign her up for some gymnastics!

She's been fighting a cold (we all have this week, but you know babies are just the most pitiful!) I feel bad because she just got over an ear infection she got last week!!

Ok... so a past story -- when I was shopping at Sam's for Bella's birthday party, someone was giving out Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches as a sample. (you know - those Smuckers Uncrustables). I hadn't fed Farrah any Peanut Butter yet, and I certainly didn't want to try while out shopping. But I made the mistake of letting Bella have a sample.

Well, Farrah of course wants whatever Bella has and grabbed it, smashing it everywhere!!! I didn't really think about her not having any at that point - I was busy calming Bella down and wiping Farrah down!! Those aren't fun to clean up!! Anyway, Farrah didn't eat any, but it was on her. When we went to check out, I noticed a few spots on her face. I was worried, but then also thought the spots could be from Bella jabbing her sippy cup into Farrah's face while trying to share :) By the time we were home, they were gone. But I didn't forget and wanted to try in a more predictable setting (at home!)

Yesterday I gave her a taste of some, and she was fine.

BTW - when did yall give your kids PB&J?

Anyhow... today, i thought it would be a good lunch. She ate about a half of a PB&J and then started rubbing her eyes. At first, I thought she was just tired and then rubbed it in her eyes and they were irritated. Then she wouldn't stop and I couldn't clean her fast enough. So I swooped her up and put her in the bath. (This all happened really quickly - she is sick, super tired from no nap and doc visit this am, and now lunch in her eye!) I thought a bath would be good - and then maybe a nice long nap and a break for mama!

Then I noticed spots on her torso!!!!!! It happened so fast but they just kept appearing! It was lunch time and all the pediatrician offices were at LUNCH! I was home with a swollen eyed, runny nose, spotty baby - with a 3 year old asking me 500 questions. (She was wanting me to take her shirt off so she could put on my sports bra, among other things!) I was trying to stay calm while answering Bella, watching Farrah (her demeanor was fine), and looking at Google answers. Not a good thing to do, btw.

Doesn't she look pitiful?? She really was happy to be in the tub... just playing and stuff, but she looked so pitiful with her red eyes!

Mom and Dad were about 2 min away and had the mind to say, "give her some Benedryl!" That made the symptoms go away pretty fast.

Dang, it was scary. It's weird how you can be freaking out and stay calm for your kids (well, Bella might think I was mean for making her TIME OUT on her bed!)

This is a long post. But these are just some of the thoughts that were running through my head!!!

Oh, and when I did get a hold of a nurse, she said I should have waited until she was 2. That didn't help my guilt! But I swear that hasn't always been the case! Rules change all the time...

I couldn't help to just sit and watch her sleep afterwards. Just to make sure she was ok. WebMD will make you do those things.

Thankful that she is ok. And that her flexibility is just a natural talent. :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010


I love this little girl so much. Can't believe she's almost a year old.
She's so full of JOY!! I can't stand how sweet she is!!

Ahhhh my heart.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Love having girls

These were at a fall festival before Halloween.

Izzie is coming today!!

Izzie is coming this morning!! Be on the lookout on their blog, I'll be updating it!!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Park, Lunch and Kites


Ok, maybe a couple of words: I admit, I like to dress them alike. :)