Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Oh goodness I am busy.
It's hard to look at what I actually get done during the day and know so. But I know such is this time in my life. I'm sure I'm no different that other mommies! Honestly Farrah keeps me ON MY TOES!

I could blog all day every day on different things, but I can't justify the time spent right now. I love it, but know I can't keep up with it like I want. Sometimes I want a cool blog that people come to for a reason, but I know that's not what I should be doing right now.... anyway, let me tell you some of what we've been up to!!

Bella got her second haircut. She didn't love it, but was a big girl. However, she did LOVE the braid the lady gave her.

I do spend my downtime doing very housekeeper-y stuff. It's kinda funny. But I love doing it. One of those those things I love is reading how to be a better/healthier cook. I've been on a cooking / Betty Crocker / organic / weight watchers kick. I love cooking but I've never been "good" at it. And I like couponing (DORK!) Now I'm trying to figure out meal planning. I know my close friends would find this hard to believe, but I am a planner down deep. This is something I've found, and something I think I can "make myself". In other words, I'll spend too much time trying to figure out how to do it and putting it off, when I should just buy one.

Anyway, these are all things I've done this week and I have LOVED them all!
Zucchini Goat Cheese Penne

Homemade Granola Bars (YUM!!!)

Apples and Sweet Potatoes (YUM, too! And such a healthy side item!!)

We have played with Aunt Melissa and Luci and Eli (the kids she nannies) at Imaginations at Play a few times! Bella likes all the activities, and Farrah can't get enough of the Tub and Bubbles.

Farrah and her "smile" (and I think she could be eating a crayon right here)

Speaking of Melissa, Ryan and Melissa's wedding is March 5th!!! We can't wait. Our bridesmaid and flower girl dresses are in and we are so excited!!

Chris got a new position, and the adjustment to that has also kept us busy. He's loving it; we are so blessed to be at a great church that we ALL love so much! I still enjoy volunteering there and the outlet there to work.

Like I said, I slowly get through a to-do list of things, but mostly I rescue this one. She currently has two bruises on her head and a black eye!

But I swear she's one of the cutest things you'll ever see.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

mommy hood

here are my sweet girls "pretending" to nap today on their sleeping bags. That's about as close as we got to naps today.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Farrah's smile

Farrah now responds to "Smile!" with this great smile! Cracks me up. Personality!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow: Awesome Videos and Chasing a Climber

We're having fun with the snow... but most of the days we've probably been like most people and getting a little stir crazy.
Inside, I chase Farrah all day - she loves to climb!!! Today, I looked away and Bella (my good tattle tail) yells, "Farrah what are you doing up there?!?" And she was up on a little table knocking on the window glass. I think she wanted to go out. She has NO FEAR!
Bella and I went sledding today with the neighbors next door. They are super nice. They shared their sawed-off plastic slide with us that they used as a sled. Bella and I had a blast!

Then, before dinner, we played Snowman Bowling. Bella and Chris were SO into this. Like father, like daughter! This first video is a miss; then the second is where they have a strike! Don't call DFACS; she loved it. haha!

Then... to further our Parents of The Year Award, I loved watching Farrah walk in an over sized snowsuit. I was rolling on the ground laughing at this. Literally. But, I am their mom. You'll see a resemblance to Ralphie's brother...

Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day!

We bundled up...

Sledded down the neighbors long driveway...

Then ate snowflake sandwiches...

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Saturday, January 8, 2011


Bella needs about 5 minutes just to set up her "friends" in bed at night (and at nap time). And Lord be with you if you try to stop her or hurry her! She gives up her pillow for them, and she doesn't want her blanket to touch them.

These are just what she can (kinda) fit on the bed. Her entourage is huge!

Bella's friend

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas Day

Christmas Eve after the service, we came back to G-Daddy and Nana's house (and our house right now :)). We tried something different this year and had fondue for dinner. After eating too much, I finally wrapped my presents :)

All of my siblings spent the night. And Melissa, my sister-in-law to be, was here! (March 5th is their wedding and I can't wait!). Christmas morning, Santa brought a couple of toys for each girl. Bella asked for a cash register, but the big hit was a coffee maker and blender. They actually work, and have already had hours spent on them with water and food coloring! Score!

Here are some sweet pictures from the morning:
Farrah smirkIMG_1483IMG_1434IMG_1526IMG_1524IMG_1515IMG_1474IMG_1461IMG_1485IMG_1499IMG_1502

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas 2010 at the Green's

(see new post below, too!)
Christmas Adam (the day before Eve :)), we spent the night at the Green's. This year was new - the whole extended family spent the night!!

Before the 15 adults and 3 kids all came over, GG had Bella, Gracie and Farrah baking in cute little aprons!
They baked cakes for Jesus' birthday!

They also played outside, it was a nice day. Funny how two days later it was snowing!!
This has been my favorite coat this season :)

After pizza, we had a good & funny version of white elephant gift exchanging. Don't worry - it was also a competition for the best PJ's. Mine were funny (a present from Lynn years ago), but not as good as Renya's! (Wish I had a picture of that - they were kinda like a snuggie, but more closed in. Think Flying Squirrel). ha!
The girls opened all their fun presents - Farrah loved her baby. Sweet hug.
The next morning (Christmas Eve) we went bowling! It was fun to compete with the whole extended family. Bella and Gracie enjoyed their bumper lanes.

Chris left around noon for the Christmas Eve service rehearsal. The girls and I went with GG and Poppy to Ganny's house for her Christmas Eve lunch. After that, we stopped by the house to change and drove down to Buckhead's Christmas Eve service...

(See below for video of Farrah ROCKING out to the rehearsal!!)

We had a GREAT time on Christmas ADAM and Christmas EVE!

Farrah dancing

We stopped by the band rehearsal one day, and Farrah was getting DOWN! Seriously, I missed most of it before getting the camera out, but she was even doing a crawl-dance. She loves music :)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

You know who else I love?

Bella likes to play this game. She asks "You know who else I love?" and she'll name people (and often items in the room). This version was cute - I love her expressions! What is she going to be like at 16?!?!

Monday, January 3, 2011

White Cyc Wall Pics

I'll get around to blogging about Christmas soon :) I don't sit down much with a walking baby :) But, enjoy this cuteness.


Chris set up a white seamless wall for Christmas card pics this year. So we took advantage of the temp set up for 24 hours :)

My family

My siblings

My husband is the bomb.