Thursday, February 24, 2011

The McIver Wedding!

Coming up soooo fast! March 5th is the big day!

Check out these cute pictures!!

We need to go practice with the flower girls, again :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Farrah's 15 Month Appt & The Social Goat

Farrah had her well check today.
She checked out well :)
75% for weight (24 lbs) and height (31.25")
The Doctor was explaining to me what shots were due today, and Bella (who doesn't miss A THING) says, "Oh, she's not gonna like that!"
We went and retrieved suckers before the shots, and that helped some. (Although sucker in my hair while she screamed wasn't the brightest idea)
Bella cried a bit and said her arm was hurting too. She was in the middle of the action and saw the needles go into Farrah's arm. Ouch! Bella hated seeing her poor sister hurting.
But it was over quick.
We then had an eventful day! Lunch with Dad and Chick-fil-a, then we went to play at aunt Kristy's house.
Don't you want to just eat her up?? She is so sweet!

Both girls loved the animals. Farrah really liked the goats. Sherman and Tallulah were not sure of Farrah - they haven't seen someone so small before!

What Bella really wants is to catch Monkey the cat one of these days. Since that didn't happen, she lead the clan of turkeys around the yard, opening the gate and closing it again and again. Kristy, Josie and Izzie also came to play!

We also stopped by the ATL house around the corner... ahhhhh I am getting excited now about moving back! This weather=zoo=walks=fun! Although I really am going to miss living at "home", I'm glad that I'm excited about moving back. We like change, what can I say?

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Who is 15 months?

This crazy, sweet, cuddle bug of a girl!

She is amazing. Into everything. On TOP of every piece of furniture. This age is great.
The other night, I hurt my ankle while holding her. I had to set her down as I sat down to look at the damage (It wasn't that bad, but hurt and I was trying not to over react with the girls there watching me!) But she could tell I was hurt. She just stood there looking concerned for a second then came gave me a huge bear hug. It was so darn sweet!! Bella said, "Awwww. It's okay, mommy. We can get a band aid." I have two sweet, sweet little girls.

Couldn't you just squeeze her?? I sure do.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I took the girls to meet my grandparents at the mall last week. They had the good idea to let the girls ride the carousel. Grandparents and Great-Grandparents are so good. If I take them to the mall, I usually skip right past that :) We've ridden it, but not made a special trip to go ride it. Bella always loved it at the Zoo.
Of course, she wanted to ride the tea cup. Um, how old are we? I know I'm not the only one who gets sick riding those now. When does this happen??? I used to love roller coasters and now I'm an old woman.

So excited, she does a choke hold. jk. She actually would do this anytime.

Tea Cup

Do you notice my baby Farrah is getting HAIR?!?! She wore her first bow recently (meaning, without a headband!)
Side note: you know, last month, I had the girls in matching pink outfits (not these pictured, I'm obsessed with pink now) and someone said, "Awww... he's so cute. Boys can wear pink, too!" Seriously? Do you think I'd match my little boy to his big sister? Really? People.

Then there's my granddad. He's awesome.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Game Ranch

Spring is coming!!!!!
When it warmed up a bit this weekend, we spent some time outside. Saturday was a perfect day with no plans. So we had a family day - Waffle House :) and the Yellow River Game Ranch. I had not been since I was pregnant with Farrah. And Chris hadn't been since he was a kid. We had a great time - especially since my Love Language is Quality Time. (Do you know your love language?) I can tell the days that my love tank is just over flowing!

I can't wait to start going to the zoo soon, again, too! (News break: we're moving back to ATL beginning of April) :)
Farrah thought the saltines were for her
The goats and sheep are so funny!!
Speaking of ATL and goats...check this out... my aunt's home (that we have those fabulous family parties at like this and this) is now a Bed & Breakfast. It's called The Social Goat.

And, I still like to make it abundantly clear that she is a girl. Add a bow to the blue hat. haha! This look is called Blue Steel.IMG_2784

Then lunch at the playground (which I think is the same playground from the 1980's)
Farrah is eating a Cream Cheese and Jelly sandwich. Kinda sounds weird, I know.. but I guess like a bagel? I need easy options besides a PB&J!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine's Party

The girls both had Valentine's Parties at school Thursday. PJ's, Pizza, cookies, the whole deal. :)

Farrah's smile

Bella's icing with cookie :)

I totally stole this idea from a blog. So I can't take credit. They are teacher's gifts. We have the BEST teachers at Weekday. I had to do something since they were jipped at Christmas from me :) But how cute?

And, I decorated Chris' office with some trash treasure :) Paper from after cutting hearts for church.

Friday, February 11, 2011

These Two

Best Friends.

They love each other and fight like true sisters already :)