Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Genesis 1:1

This is one of the MANY reasons I love my church.

Bella knows God made her, God loves her, and Jesus wants to be her friend forever.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Farrah is 18 Months!!!!

This is such a fun, fun age! And she's also into things more than ever. Some of her favorite past times are:
-Throwing things in the toilet
-Climbing on the tables, chairs and couch
-Eating, or attempting to eat, markers and chalk
-Giving me a heart attack

Farrah is such a sweet little girl. She doesn't sit still for long, so I treasure the times she will cuddle or fall asleep on me while reading a book like she did last night. And so smart. She watches everything her sister does, learning all kinds of stuff. She also has some of her own unique interests. She really is intrigued by airplanes these days. She loves to find the airplane in her word book (or make me find it) and shout, "Air-D!"

She has a deep, contagious laugh.

I've been trying to collect the things she can say (or actively says on her own)

I don't know
"I did it!" (sounds like "I de de" - she loves to say this after buckling her seat belt herself) so proud.
Hold me
What's that? (Waz dat)
Night Night
Hide (loves hide and seek with sister)
Out (loves outside)
Yes/No (no being much more prevalent)
Bella (sounds more like Ba Ba)
Bird (actually, she says "Beerr" but she's trying)
Oh Toodles
And family names like Mama, Daddy, GG, Nana, Poppy, GDaddy and Kee-gee) :)
Milk is "Mo"

And of course, I speak Farrah, so most of these things have come through a lot of translating over the past month. It's funny how mom's can speak another language! :) "Hold me" is a new, and very used one.

Her hair is growing in so rapidly now. Sweet big waves on her head.

Here she is coloring (she's starting to see how you color something in, like these flower petals, and not just coloring the whole page. Or my floor. Not that she sits still very often to color. But it's holding her attention a little longer now :) And look at all that hair!!

Watching a child grow is just amazing. I love my Farrah Kate so much. Two girls really is so much fun! :)

This is what I woke up to Sunday morning:

Monday, May 23, 2011

Summer, New Grass, Sprinklers & Watermelon

Call me crazy, but I'd take the hot weather any day. i think I'm meant to live at the beach, actually. (can anyone talk Chris into that for me?) :)
We are excited for summer! Bella and I start her swim lessons next week!!
Along with the fun of new grass comes the ultimate summer fun - the sprinkler. Farrah was not so sure about it at first, but was soon running through it with sister.

Then Daddy came home and got the money shots!

Oh... and we love watermelon (or at least Bella and I do. Farrah likes to take a bite then spit it out?) At least she pretends well.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend

This is my 500th post! Crazy... 500th from this blog, and I'm not sure how many I had on

Saturday, the girls and Chris got up and fixed me breakfast. Yum. You know what I love? Maple bacon. And it's fat free. ha!

We spent the day together and got some good Quality Time, which I'm all about. :)

Chris also got me a new Bread Machine! I found one at Goodwill about a month ago, and have been loving making breads in it. He knew I liked it and got me a new one that makes bigger loafs. So far I've made an apple-raisin wheat bread and a loaf of white bread. Soooo good!!! Here is Bella and I making some.

Sunday we went to church, then headed to Ganny's (Chris' grandmother) for lunch. Chris' parents brought a yummy lunch and we got to spend some time with his mom and grandmother, which was nice. It was laid back and the girls just love running around her house. We topped lunch off with strawberry shortcake (yum! is there a better summer dessert??)

Chris had to go back to work, so the girls and I headed up to Ryan and Melissa's. They made us dinner which was so good. (And is there a better mother's day gift than not having to cook all day??) There, we celebrated Mother's Day with my mom and grandmother. We also celebrated birthdays for my dad, mom and aunt. AND for Ryan's promotion at work. Melissa had a cookie cake that simply said "Oh Happy Day!" for the occasions.

It was a nice weekend and I'm so happy we got to see everyone!!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Allergy Doctor

I finally took Farrah in to her her skin test at the allergist after our Peanut Butter reaction 6+ months ago. She had a simple blood test done after her reaction that showed her allergic to peanuts and egg. So we needed to get further testing done. I guess the allergist does kind of a baseline and you go back periodically to see if things have improved - (some allergies (rarely peanut) can get better.)

Farrah was excited to have mom all to herself this morning. She was running around the waiting room. She had no idea she was about to get tortured. :(

They had me hold her down on her tummy :( and she is strong!! The doctors were nice enough, but not as kid friendly as a normal pediatrician of course. I knew when she was crying hard about the stethoscope that the skin test was going to be bad.

It's almost like a prick - but not really because it doesn't make you bleed. But it doesn't feel good, and is scary to an 18 month old. Then we had to wait 15 min (In a REALLY HOT ROOM!) to see how she would react.

She's def allergic to peanut. He said no nuts for her - it's just easier that way. And, we'll continue to carry our Epi Pen just in case. But she's NOT allergic to egg! So that is great. I can go back to giving her scrambled eggs, etc. I haven't given her straight egg in 6 months. But he said she was clear. Great news!

After pointing at the door all morning to leave, we finally were able to go. She was OUT in the car about 5 min down the road. Poor girl. She did great overall and she's resting it off now. Love this sweet little baby and I'm glad that is over.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Farrah brushing her teeth

This is a cute, quick video of Farrah's favorite night time routine. She does not like anyone to take the toothbrush from her - and she doesn't like when I finally stop her. When bedtime is coming, she knows it's time and says, "MOMMY!!! Teeeeth!" and shows me her teeth.

Farrah Brushing Her Teeth from Chris Green on Vimeo.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tilling and Sodding

Friday Chris tilled up our front yard while us girls watched.

The loud noise and beautiful weather was no match for Farrah. She climbed up in the stroller to watch and was out a little while later.

Once it was tilled, we entertained in the dirt for a bit

Then we had to move the party back on the porch. "Pretending to sleep" is one of Bella's fav things to do right now. And Farrah loves to follow her. We were in many different outfits because we also have a water table and would get soaked!

Farrah was excited to run up and down this strip of grass

Here's a before! Hopefully I'll have a good after for you soon... :)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

First Pigtails

Farrah saw me putting a braid in Bella's hair on Saturday and got up on the step to get one, too. A braid isn't happening anytime soon, but I gave her pigtails for the first time.

While out and about, we overheard a little girl say "Look mom, that little girl has horns"