Saturday, January 31, 2009

Question #8

Did you nurse and if so for how long... do you recommend an epidural... in general, any info on pregnancy/beginning of mommyhood.

Yes, I nursed and it was great. But it took work and determination. I think I went about 10.5 months. I know it's not for everyone and the length of time is different for everyone though.

YES, I recommend an epidural. I hate needles, I really do. My three biggest fears: needles, bees (being stung with their needles), and the dentist (don't like their needles). But the epidural wasn't bad at all, and after 2+ days of no sleep and contractions, it was a blessing to lay down, sleep, dilate, and not feel a thing. It was W-O-N-D-E-R-FUL!!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Bella's Day Care

Bella is quite the loving mom to her 5 babies and Baby Big Bird. It makes my heart just smile to see her take care of them.
She feeds them, hugs them and pats them on the back, TICKLES them (awesome!) gives them kisses, passies and bottles.
And when she's tired of playing, she throws them on the ground.haaaaaa
From January 2009
Napping and Hugging:
From January 2009
From January 2009
And more hugging:
From January 2009

Thursday, January 29, 2009


We live basically at the entrance to the zoo. We have our annual passes, but I was really looking forward to when Bella was walking and noticing the animals a bit more. And, it totally makes all the difference!!! She is just a big ball of fun and energy!!
Note: Go to the zoo on a dreary, overcast or even drizzly day. The animals love that weather and really come out! I had heard that before, but can now confirm it. This was Tuesday morning, and at first I thought it was too cold. But it warmed up a tad, and the animals were all out.
From Zoo - 1.27.09
From Zoo - 1.27.09
From Zoo - 1.27.09
From Zoo - 1.27.09
From Zoo - 1.27.09
She loves climbing on things at this height
From Zoo - 1.27.09
And then clap for herself
From Zoo - 1.27.09
From Zoo - 1.27.09
We love this playground by the Naked Mole Rats with all the tunnels
From Zoo - 1.27.09
From Zoo - 1.27.09
From Zoo - 1.27.09
From Zoo - 1.27.09
From Zoo - 1.27.09

Friday, January 23, 2009

I'm a Mom

There are many times that I realize, "Wow, I'm a mom."
Like picking up Miss Potato Head pieces 8 times a day, picking up play kitchen spoons, knives and plates over and over, picking up Bella after slipping on Miss Potato Head's lips, wondering why I bought things with 1500 pieces, and finding sippy cups all over the place. (Notice Exhibit A) I must clean the kitchen 3 times a day. But you can't tell. My house is usually a disaster. And you know what? Although I'd rather use that time in other ways sometimes, I still love every minute of it.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Question #7:

When do we want to try for another baby?

I think I want a bunch of kids!

I kind of have a time in mind, but then I'd have you all asking around that time if I'm preganant, and that would spoil any surprise. You know I'm all about surprises, right?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Question #6: When/How did you come to know Christ?

I grew up at church, and I had always known who God was, but it was in 9th grade at an Fellowship of Christian Athletes meeting that I first officially made a decision to follow Christ.

It was always hard for me to know "when" I came to know Him and it was something I secretly struggled with, like I needed an exact date to that. I didn't have a day where all of a sudden I did a 180 or was a different person. You know, how you hear someone was bad then was a new person after accepting Jesus. I didn't have an "ahh-haa" moment. I think I thought I needed to have that, so I probably prayed that prayer in FCA meetings 100 times, not kidding.

Later, I realized, that although my story was maybe "boring" to tell, the Lord had totally protected me from a lot of that stuff. I just naturally went from learning to accepting.

There came a time early in college when I felt led to get baptised. It was a freeing step for me because I was publicly confirming that Jesus was my Savior.

Of course, it's always a learning curve. I am still getting to know what it's like to know Him.

What's your story?

Friday, January 16, 2009

Where'd she learn this?

Not sure, but as you can tell, it was cracking us up. She did this about 10 times before I ran and got the camera. Good thing there was no #2 in that diaper! :)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Such a sweet girl

I just have such a sweet girl.
Bella gives great hugs and kisses. Tonight in particular is just too sweet not to share.
After a long day, she was having her milk tonight on the couch. I was laying on the couch with my head next to her as she was sitting up in the corner on the couch. We were watching Baby Einstein. (She's learned to say "cup" from it, fun!) She patted my head and sort of played with my hair a little, then kissed my forehead! A minute later, she did it again. Almost like she was taking care of me. I could just eat her up!
I guess she's picked up on the fact that I love on her a lot, but I just cherished that moment so much. My little baby girl.

Please Pray Today!

For little Parker!!!!!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Doctor Appts, Our weekend, and a Video!

Bella woke up early Friday and had a temperature. We went to the doc and she had her first ear infection. By the end of the day, she was on the mend!
We visited Heather, Harris and Hadley Friday night. Morgan joined and we headed to dinner. Oh my gosh, three girls and three babies. It was fun. Leigh Ann joined up with us later, and it was a good night of conversation, blind date talking and cookie eating.
Look at these two peas in a pod:
Bella and I spent the night and got up in the morning to play and watch Harris dance to a cool video. Then we went to the playground Heather always raves about. It was fun, but cut short by the colder-than-we-thought weather. Oh, and before we left for the playground, a full bath for them all. Check out her blog for some funny pictures!
Saturday night Chris, Bella and I went to dinner at one of our regulars, and ran into the Masterson's. It was a great impromptu double date night.
Sunday Bella and I had a birthday party to attend, Connell turned 2! It was at a little play gym and all the kids had a great time. She loved the little stairs, the trampoline and the slide to the ball pit.
From Monkey Joe's - Connell's 2nd B-Day
From Monkey Joe's - Connell's 2nd B-Day

Today, she had her 15 month appointment. She got three shots IN THE ARM! I hated that. I had to hold her in my arms and she was clinging to me, like, "Mom, get them to stop!" It was over pretty fast, but man that is torture!!
She had a great checkup, ears are better, and she was 22 lbs (40th %) and 31 inches long (75th %) Growing like a weed!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Some new videos

Uploaded some today from December...

1) Playing with a balloon. Funny girl.
2) Playing Peek-A-Boo. One of her favorite games, of course.
3) Dad and Bella on the Lazy Susan.
4) Eating with a spoon for the first time

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Want my autograph?

Just kidding. But there is something so fun about getting on the local news. Chris and I were kidding each other about this last night, I only got on the local news - he got on the Today Show! I can now check this off my list of things to do in my lifetime. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

So I was walking late yesterday afternoon. Bella and I had just gone up to get on the swing for a few, and she wasn't too happy to leave. It started raining so I was booking it back.

Out of what seemed like no where, this news guy came and said, "We are interviewing everyday people about the police furloughs and how it will impact them."

I gave him a look and said, "What is that? I don't know what that is."

After he explained it to me, he said, "I'll just start asking questions, it isn't live so don't worry."

"Can I take my hair down?"

Then he just asked me a lot of questions and I totally made some crap up. Then he filmed me walking off. It happened so fast. It was raining on me and I felt like a wet dog, AND, Ms. Cole would be proud - I was wearing a t-shirt that said "I'M A WINNER" I thought - there is no way they are going to put me on.

Then at 11 last night, this came on.... (sorry, this is a video of the DVR from last night.)
I know this isn't that big of a deal, but nothing like something out of the ordinary to happen to make your day!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

2 New Things & All Dolled Up

From Bella's Hat on the Porch
Growing up, I wasn't one to carry baby dolls around (although I liked Barbies, I guess). And while pregnant, I wasn't sure I'd like too much pink. Now, I can't get enough of dressing Bella up and - pink rules! I am reminded often how much I love being a girl, and having one. Seriously though, she got some really cute clothes for Christmas. And look at that hat! Why can't we all stay cute little babies forever??
Today I realized - Bella is weaned from the bottle. I guess she has been for a little while, but I was giving them to her still at times where it was easier than washing another sippy/straw cup! But I am actually able to pack them away now. Oh, you are growing too fast!
Also today, we had a first - she rolled around the bed in laughter -- and kept rolling - right off the bed! After the initial shock wore off she was fine. Really all it took was a hug from mom and a romp though the bathroom cabinets. It scared her and I both, though! I guess it's bound to happen...
Here are some more cute pictures Chris took (he rocks) of Bella in the cute hat and the UGG boots Maggie Mae gave us. :) And can we say, little Chris Green? Love it.
From Bella's Hat on the Porch
From Bella's Hat on the Porch
From Bella's Hat on the Porch

Friday, January 2, 2009

Small Group Christmas Party

We just found these pics on the camera; had to share. They are from our small group Christmas Party hosted at the Insogna's a couple of weeks ago now...
From Small Group Christmas Party 2008
She LOVED this dog. I guess she LOVES all dogs, though. But not all are as nice to let little ones touch them so much.
From Small Group Christmas Party 2008
From Small Group Christmas Party 2008
From Small Group Christmas Party 2008
The girls telling labor stories:
From Small Group Christmas Party 2008

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Eve

This was at least our 4th New Year's Eve in Athens with Kelly, Bobby and Morgan.
At Casa Mia for some dang good tapas!!!:
From New Years 2008
From New Years 2008
From New Years 2008
From New Years 2008
From New Years 2008
From New Years 2008
Their dog, Rocky. Bella of course loves him and just lays on him.
From New Years 2008
From New Years 2008
Last year, Karaoke:
From New Years 2008!
Year Before: