Monday, August 30, 2010

Farrah is 9 months!

I don't know how to pick from these cute pictures.

Farrah's personality is SOOO coming out! How fun!
And getting her to sit still next to "Pink Bear" is becoming more of an event.
Her top two teeth popped in this month. She was grinding them at first (ahhh! that sound!) But I think that's over with.
We love the tounge out pose! Cracks me up. And let's me check for objects in her mouth!
She's pulling up. She's crawling (in her own way - split style)
"Ok, Dad and Mom, one more!"
SHE'S SO SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

We're here...

... We moved this weekend. For some reason, it's just now hitting me. Maybe it's because Carlos blogged about it, but I just realized... we aren't at our house any more. We aren't going "home". I'm cool with it, just totally weirded out.

Besides the total craziness of moving, we have enjoyed a couple of walks, a new (to me) park, and a the heavenly-ness of a king size bed. I love being here, the move is going to be an adjustment, but I am loving the change. The girls are adjusting great. Farrah has started sleeping so well in the past week or two. And she's continued here. She's loving crawling around on the carpet. Bella played in her toy kitchen like all day long.

One thing that is cool is doing things with Bella and Farrah that I did growing up. It's simple things. But tonight I gave the girls a bath in my parents bath. Where I used to love taking a bath. I dried Bella's hair as she sat up on the sink. Where my mom spent hours and hours doing the same for me. (Especially the years I hated my curly hair and would beg her to straighten it - before flat irons :)) We took a bike ride/ walk up to the cul-de-sac. So many memories. And now I'm 30 with my own kids. Wow.

Anyways, this comes at a good time because my mom is having back surgery in September. So I hope to MAKE her rest - rest she needs for recovery. Please pray for a quick recovery for her - and little pain.

So many crazy feelings going on right now. I am totally excited but anxious about our next step. Feeling blessed to be here, but a crazy that we aren't going "home". But overall, feeling great about it!! It all happened so fast, I'm just now really processing it. :)

And... on a totally other note... Farrah has developed a HUGE FUN personality over the last two weeks. She is awesome! Look for pics next!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Outlets and Mouth Swabs

Ok - for the last post - those of you (which is most of you) who guessed "Chelsie, Keegan, Chris and Katie" are right. And, I didn't mean to call myself a "cutie" as the title read. I was just going to do a pic of Chelsie and Keegan, then added those two of Chris and I. Just so you know I'm not calling myself a cutie. ha!!

Something that is different with Farrah that I didn't have to worry about with Bella -- she puts every. little. thing. in. her. mouth. I do a mouth swab at least 10times a day and usually find something. It probably doesn't help that we're moving and there's little pieces of trash everywhere. Little bitty pieces.

She also loves the outlets. I had to do a re-check for all the outlet covers.

I didn't really worry about either of these things with Bella.

We do it so much, I think Farrah's first word she recognized was "tongue" That's all I have to say and she'll stick it out for me so that I can see there is nothing there. Awesome.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Guess who these cuties are...

I think these all favor Farrah, and some Bella, in their own way... :)

It's funny because my family all kinda looks alike, and Chris and I look alike (and his family all has strong resemblance)... so I am sure I could post a pic of everyone and there be similarities.

But for now... can you guess who these are?





Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I promise not all of my posts are about Farrah's flexibility, but you got to check out one of the preferred methods of sleeping:

Then a little morning stretch with breakfast.

Speaking of breakfast, Farrah and Bella now "match" with their highchairs. Bella was so excited. :)

She still loves baby food. Liking yogurt. Not a fan of little pieces of pear, banana or cheese. Liking cheerios.

Just in case you wanted to know ;)

Bella eats all kinds of things. Whatever I'm in the mood to fix in the morning. Sometimes it's an egg sandwich, or bagel, banana, or sometimes it's an easy grits morning. She also likes cereal, yogurt, pancakes and waffles. And when her daddy gets up, she often gets her favorite - Chocolate milk. :)

We're moving in T - 3 days. CRAZY!

I recently got contacts. Did I say that already? I've already managed to lose one, burn my eye with contact cleaner, and then find the lost one three weeks later stuck to the side of the toilet bowl. I have NO idea how it got there. But it's like dried on and I can't get it all off. ha! I also bought some cute CHEAP glasses off, if you are in need of some extras. I always need them because I can't keep track of one pair.

How's that for a random blog?

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Starting Block

Ready, Set, GO!

She's so close, if she wasn't so darn flexible, she'd actually put her knees under her. Instead, she does the breast stroke on the floor to crawl. So funny. And she looks like she's swimming at bathtime when we're in the tub.

Can you tell I'm sending these posts from my phone? We're in the crazy madness of moving right now, and my house is a disaster!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Farrah's 9 month Stats

19 lbs 8 oz - 75th%
28.25 inches tall - 75%
Head 18 inches -90%

The doc wasn't too concerned with her crazy flexibility. But as we talked and watched Farrah, she said, "wow!" and recommended to check her out at a pediatric orthopedic just to make sure. More or less just to make sure she doesn't learn how to pop her legs put of joint, etc. She thinks she's just a "loosy goosey" as her arms are pretty loose, too, and recommended gymnastics ;) But because she's not missing milestones, it's more than likely fine.

She's also discovered this funny face lately. I love this little girl so much!!!!!

She also asked about if she was clingy. Um, yes! Major mommy-itis! (which I secretly love). And it's good to remember that is normal right now. Chris said last night, "What am I, chopped liver?" She has a mom radar for sure. Sweet Mommy's girl!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ballet with Dad

Two Thursday's ago was our last ballet class. Nothing was keeping Bella on task. Not even the cupcakes for the end-of-class reward sitting on the table.
She was just doing spins all over the room.

Chris walked over and I figured he was having another "talk" with her. But then, Daddy joined in the routine! It was great. Such a good dad!! And some entertainment for the whole class, too :)

Good morning!

I'm 9 months old today!

Thank you

Thanks to all of those who contributed to the gift for the Copponex Family in honor of Tripp. Because of your thoughtfulness, we were able to put the contributions together and get a few gifts!

Tripp's Tree and Bench can be seen here on Rachael's blog. The tree is beautiful! We hope that these are daily (and yearly, since it will bloom around Tripp's birthday) reminders of all those who are praying for them.

Blog Mom's, (and bloggers in general!), are awesome! Thanks to Emily (who did so much of the leg work) and Kelly for letting me join in to help. Thanks to ALL of you who gave and/or are praying for Rachael, Greg and Macy!

You are loved, Rachael!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"Circle time" with friends

Her entourage does everything she does at school. Circle time, potty
time, line up in a row time, time out. Then, she puts them to bed for
a nap and won't let me go in the room. "Shhhhhhh! Tip Toe Mom!"

Wordless Wednesday: Hot Mitts

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Where've I been?

Not sure. ha!

Actually... we have a big change coming up! We are MOVING! In TWO weeks! :-0

Chris and I had some friends who were looking for a house in our neighborhood to rent. He asked us to be on the lookout. When Chris and I spoke about it, we immediately were like, "Well, we're the size house they are looking for. Nahhhhh... that would be crazy to move in a month... do you think they'd want to?" And... it all worked out.

So, we'll be moving to our hometown for a bit, with my parents!

Why, you ask? Well, we needed a change. We hadn't planned on being in Grant Park for 6 years. We want to save some $, and figure out where we want to be next. We wouldn't have necessarily rented to just anyone... and it just all worked out. So, why not, right? You only live once... haaaa!

We are excited. One drawback is Chris' commute will be a bit longer. But overall, I am really looking forward to a change, and free babysitting after the kids go to sleep :)

Sooooo... if you are in L'ville, hit us up! :)

We are busy finishing up projects that hadn't been done (tiling the laundry room, cleaning up the backyard from the room addition debris, painting trim in the playroom, etc.) All things that we are like, "Why hadn't we done this before so we could enjoy it more?" ha!

We haven't taken many pictures lately (because all we have done are projects, work, pack and sleep!) But I have tons of cute iPhone pics I want to post... eventually! Farrah just had her two top teeth pop thru last week! She's slept better since. She'll be 9 months this week, and a doc appt to go with that.

Bella continues to climb in bed with us in the middle of the night, pretty much every night. We are so asleep, we don't notice lots of times. She's learned the art of delaying what she needs to do (I'm hungry. I need to go potty.) And JUST in the last 2 weeks decided to rebel against the carseat and whines for what seems like an eternity after getting buckled in. (My back hurts! My back it hot! The straps are hurting me! My dress is hurting me! My panties are hurting me!?!) I've checked, nothing is hurting her. The air is on high. And she does this no matter who's car she is riding in. Any tips?? This can make running errands (especially more than one a day) painful!

They both are awesome, though. Didn't mean to rant. ha! But Farrah is taking the nap of a lifetime right now (2.5 hours as of now!) and I had a chance to blog. So, there you go... mind dump.

Until next time!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Big Girl Bed

I can't believe I've never posted about Bella's Big Girl Bed from 8 months ago!!


Nana and GDaddy made this Big Girl Bed for Bella! Isn't it awesome? It's low to the ground, uses a crib/toddler bed mattress, and was upholstered with the room theme.

The pockets are made from Nana's baby blanket!

Now... like all new things with the first child, I wasn't how the best way to introduce/start this new bed with Bella. Since we were getting it right before Farrah was born, my thought was to have it in the room for a bit, and get her used to it. (The girls share a room.) That way, she didn't feel like Farrah was "kicking" her out of her crib. You know... a big girl bed and a sister are two big changes! She loved knowing her "baby sister" was going to be in the crib and she was in a "Big Girl Bed"!

My parents brought it up the day before I was induced. Bella loved it!! So much, in fact, that she was excited to nap in it that day!! We never turned back...

It's perfect, and I love that it's her personalized little bed.

This is a sweet frame GG had made after Bella was born:

And, can you believe she shares this little cute bed with all of her "Friends"????? At nap and bedtime, they are stacked up on each other along the left side of the bed!!