Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Bella, Clap - we finally have a post!

It's been two weeks since we've posted. I think i needed a break. Lots going on these days.
  • Bella is still a turbo crawler. I am so tired at the end of the day that it's hard to sit to keep my eyes open, much less blog. Well, actually, I read everyone else's blog, but no brain power to write.
  • As you can see, she has a lot of teeth! She's cutting her sixth right now.
  • Chris started a new position at the church. He LOVES it. But it's been busy as we relearn some scheduling and stuff. I am so happy for him!
  • Night of Worship two weeks ago at Buckhead= awesome.
  • Planned my ten year reunion, which was this weekend. I loved planning this stuff, but it took a good part of my brain power away. It turned out so great! Check out some pictures here if you are bored
  • Saw Brooke Fraser at Variety Playhouse = cool.
  • I attended my first baby consignment sale with my friend Jaycie. It was great and I got some great toys for Bella, as she was getting bored with hers. AND, Chris did a first - baby sat TWO babies! He actually said it was easier because Bella and Morgan entertained each other. But major props - I don't think I've even done that before!

  • Bella is clapping, talking jibberish, sits on the dishwasher door and tries to help unload (flatwear on the floor is her way of unloading), tries to go for the dogfood everyday for a snack, standing up on everything, gives great kisses.
  • Olympics.
  • We added three couples to our small group this weekend at GroupLink. It was nuts, the process that is. We are exicted for everyone to meet each other.
  • Bella had a fun weekend with all her grandparents. They are all great babysitters!

Here are some iPhone pics Chris and I share with each other during the week. Enjoy!

her own little computer

loves playing in her carseat

we'll try harder this week if you've missed us.

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Giessen Wedding

Who knew...Bella goes bonkers for horses. I thought that huge head would freak her out, but it only created a level of elation that we've rarely seen in her. The squeal she shrieked over the farmland was incredible, and it's so much fun to see a little human experience something for the first time. An awesome experience.

Speaking of awesome. Casey and Sara's wedding was one for the history books.

[WARNING: Vivid verbs and artistic adjectives approaching...]

The setting: a wonderfully warm summer afternoon. The skies: a baby blue canvas bubbling with orange cumulus clouds. The weather: precarious, with flickers of lightning and a rain-cooled breeze teasing the event. The couple: radiant.

This wedding was cool. Really cool. Located on the Hanks family farm, a field was cleared between horses and goats for the wedding. Who else would create hand-crafted pallet walls with antique windows, an old fireplace and mantle, and of course, a formal chandelier presiding over the ceremony? A unique, beautiful wedding to match a uniquely beautiful couple. God's blessings on the newest Giessen's. Here are some highlights:

10 months old!!

Bella is 10 months old today! CRAZY!
Here are some shots from today!

Chillin' in the buggy at Wal-Mart today; it's hard to show just how much she is laid back!

At dinner tonight:

Her favorite things right now:
-Pulling up on everything and standing up
-Still loves black beans, also bread and yogurt
-Biting my shoulder with her 5 teeth
-Giving us raspberries (blows on our stomach)
-Getting raspberries
-Her baby doll
-Giving kisses
-Reading books at night and turning the pages
-Dumping out the dog food
-Turbo Crawling
-Being rocked
-Showing off her flexibility!

We are eating up every minute with her. I can't believe how fast she is growing and learning new things.

Here are some other photos from this past month, told via the iPhone camera:
After the pool with mom, working on a sippy cup:

Trying to release her buddy, Bandit:


Beautiful sleeper:

Cheap Entertainment:

I am more in love with Bella Reese everyday. Her personality is as fun and beautiful as she is on the outside! What was life like before her? We are happy parents!! I am a happy mom!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

...and some more...




Cute Dad:

Mom and Dad:

Extended Fam:

Keegan being Keegan:


And the sweetest baby in the world

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Pictures from our trip

I'm tired. Keeping up with a turbo crawler is cute and all, but exhausting. Just being honest. But here are some GREAT shots that my awesome hubbie took. He's so great.

This is our fav:

There were a lot of people on this trip. These are my siblings, cousin, and new step-cousins.


This was Bella's idea:

Cute Daddy and Bella:

Cool (really long) dock:

Keegan is 21

My brother turned 21 on Wednesday. Hope he enjoyed spending it at the beach.
Love you Keegs!

Friday, August 1, 2008

look how similar

I was looking at Mom's blog tonight, and noticed something similar...

This is Bella and I... (Bella is actually in MY old bathing suit!)

Then this is Mom and I from my swim lessons at the YMCA. (in that same bathing suit)

Pretty cool. We have a ton more pics to share, coming soon.
(if you ever want a sneak peak, click on any of our pictures on our blog.)