Monday, March 29, 2010

Some Milestones to Document!

So... I hope to get some more pictures up soon, but I wanted to blog about a couple of things before I forget when they happened!!

Saturday 3/27 - Farrah laughed for the first time. I thought for a while that the crackling noise she made was her laugh. Until... I heard the real thing. Such a joy! Oh my gosh I can't get enough of this big cuddly baby!!

Sunday 3/28 - she rolled over! Now, she loves to do it and is so proud of herself!!

Here she is rolling over before bedtime last night...

Monday 3/29 - Bella is finally saying her "F's" as "F's" instead of "S's". So, Farrah is no longer Sarrah. Isn't that sun?
She talks, talks, talks... but found myself accidentally calling Farrah the wrong name (haha) or saying, "Bella where's my sphone?" :) Love this girl:

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Another New Post!

I'm on a roll... don't stop me!

Here are some pictures from a few weeks ago. We live down the street from Historic Oakland Cemetery and have never visited believe it or not. It's a cool place where some famous people are buried. And it makes for some beautiful pictures the way it sits between the city in the background and the Cotton Mill on the other side.

These are some of the first pictures Chris took with his new camera. He's a stud.


Bella is deciding not to look at the camera most of the time now. So, to get her to cooperate, we get her to do "letters"... Here she is doing a "T"

Cute Hat from Melissa:

Just plain sweet, and styling in her hat:

And I love this little outfit on Bella. From my consignment shopping. :)

I have to say I really enjoy having two girls :) And a sweet husband who likes to take pictures!!


I am totally stealing this poem from Rachael's blog...


Can I Carry You ?
© Brad Anderson

I guess that I can hold you
one more time before you grow.
And tell you that I love you
so that you will always know.
Please let me tie your shoe again.
One day you'll tie your own.
And when you think back to this time
I hope it's love I've shown.
Can I help you put your coat on?
Can I please cut up your meat?
Can I pull you in the wagon?
Can I pick you out a treat?
One day you might just care for me,
so let me care for you.
I want to be a part
of every little thing you do.
Tonight could I please wash your hair?
Can I put toys in the bath?
Can I help you count your small ten toes
before I teach you math?
Before you join a sports team
can I throw you one more ball?
And one more time can I stand near
to make sure you don't fall?
Please let me help you up the hill.
while you're still too small to climb.
And let me read you stories
while you're young and have the time.
I know the day will come
when you will do these things alone.
Will you recall the shoulder rides
and all the balls we've thrown?
I want you to grow stronger
than your Mom could ever be.
And when you find success
there will be no soul more proud than me.
So will you let me carry you?
One day you'll walk alone.
I cannot bear to miss one day
from now until you've grown.


Oh my sweet babies. Just a reminder that puts things in prespective; enjoy your babies! :)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Farrah is Four Months - Pictures

I love ALL of the pictures this month! Look at that sweet, fun personality coming out!!! I didn't know how to narrow these down. We took about 50, and I narrowed them down to 25 on the Flickr site. Here are a few!!


As you can see, she's still a big baby!! :) It's funny, because she's still in the limp noodle phase (with good head control), but is pretty heavy!!! Her 4th month stats on Friday were - watch this - 17.61 lbs (98%), 25.9" (93%) and 98% in head circumference. At least she's proportional!! ;)

As if she knew I wrote a blog about her... she has slept the best in the last two nights than she ever has. And took 3 good naps yesterday. Maybe we ARE turning a corner! Now... if we can just get her to take a bottle...

I love you, Farrah Kate!!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Farrah is Four Months! And Green Family Update!

Wow, another month has come and gone! (Pictures to come in the next day...)

Month 4 has been quite crazy and busy. While Farrah continues to be a sweet baby, she's placed her challenges with mama, too. We have been fighting it out for naps and she wakes up a good bit at night, most nights. (I'm a walking zombie lots of times). She is easy to get back to sleep with a paci but waking a lot none the less. I am trying all kind of different tactics, and each day I figure new things out about her and what does and doesn't work. I've re-learned that as much advice people give, mama still knows best! :)

She also doesn't like taking a bottle, so we are working at that. She will take it in her middle of the night feeding when she is asleep, so I know she can do it. So just figuring that out has made for some challenging nights with babysitters. Poor Chelsie got the best birth-control babysitting last night! Between Farrah screaming and Bella clogging the potty with toilet paper...

However, this morning was great when I went to wake HER up instead of the other way around at 8:15, and I got a big ol' smile! So, maybe we are turning a corner... or maybe she was exhausted from screaming at Chelsie last night... haha

I think all the time about how this is the hardest job I've ever had. Really I think of it more now that I have two kids. It's truly the hardest and most rewarding job I've ever done. But then I remembered a marketing job I had a couple of years ago (friends know what I'm talking about), and that was actually the hardest. Because it was so hard and I never felt like I was good enough, ahead of the game, or rewarded. Motherhood has so many rewards -- everyday. The joy and exhaustion - wouldn't have it any other way.

Sorry for that ... I just actually have time to blog and these are thoughts that go thru my head!

-eats about 6 times a day. 7:30, 10:30, 1:30, 4:30, 7 and 11pm (or whenever I'm about to go to bed and wake her to eat) on average.
-really liking the exersauser
-starting to kick toys and figure out her feet some
-like to chew/suck on her fingers when relaxing
-takes paci only when she's ready to sleep
-loves watching her big sister
-sleeping in the room with her big sister. screams and somehow doesn't wake her great sleeping big sister

Bella is so sweet and smart. Her current things:
-Knows all of her letters!! Can I just say, who named that letter "double-U" anyway?!? I think it should be said "Wha" like as in "Walrus"
-Still loves her babies, bunnies, raggyann, etc.
-Loves her baby sister. Likes to "hold hands" with her and says "I love you so much!"
-There's pretty much nothing she can't say. I really don't know what she doesn't know. It's amazing how she's basically a little girl now...
-it's amazing how much she still sleeps and through so much. she sleeps on average 8:30-8am and 2.5-3 hour nap everyday. And, she sleeps through farrah screaming at night. amazing. I guess this is one advantage to living downtown and having MARTA right outside....

Chris and I have been busy. I love blogging but truly had no time. Chris is working and is a great provider. Doing some great things at Buckhead Church! Then he's working basically another full time job with We love it; lots of work to do when you have your own biz and it's just YOU. :)

We've joined a new small group and getting to know them. We loved our last small group and finally ended after 4 years. So, just getting to know some new people and hear their stories. So we started something new, too, where we have a babysitter every Monday for it. It's fun to see Bella get excited for "Taylor" to come play.

Chris got his new camera and is loving it. Our Picasa site is full, so he started a Flicker site - check it out here.

I turned 30 a couple of weeks ago. It's kind of a weird birthday. First time I felt "old" or "older" -- I kind of treated it like a New Years in that I had some "resolutions" or "priorities". I get easily overwhelmed at all the pressures on me -- Clean house, social stuff, renovations, real estate work, OwnTheMix work, budgeting, couponing/ saving money, blogging!, all while being a good mom, wife, daughter, sister, granddaughter and friend. Oh, and then I want to add in there all the things I want to do: learn to sew and create things, be a better and healthier cook, EXERCISE!, and just do nice things for people.

My day usually looks something like this: Be a good mom, try to clean a little, scape dinner together, put kids in bed, work and then be a good wife. Very little time left for all the other stuff -- some of which are pretty darn important!! So I am trying to learn how it all works!

Basically, if I've never looked like I have it together, I don't. :)

Hopefully I will be at a place where I can blog more sometime...

Monday, March 1, 2010

Pray for Layla Grace

Please stop and pray for this family and sweet Layla Grace. Found this blog tonight and it made me hold my girls even more tightly.