Friday, September 21, 2012

Picture Night at the Beach

Our Group Shot!
We missed you, Keegan!!

A couple of things to note on both of these pictures, the biting flies were TERRIBLE on this night!!! Oh my goodness!!! So if our faces looked strained or painful... you know why!

And also in this picture below, my granddad made a tombstone for the hurricane. We were so sad that our vacation was most likely going to end early... and it headed in a totally different direction. I think our pirate-ness scared him off.


I wasn't kidding. We took a few pics then hauled it back up to the house!

Mom and Dad

Ryan & Melissa
The Girls
Chris & I


Nana & Farrah

Aunt Melissa


I miss the beach!! Blessed that we live so close to heaven though, and were able to go with both of our families this year! I'll TRY to get the rest of the pictures on the next post! There are so many good ones it's always hard to choose.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Pirate Night at the Beach

My Granddaddy is part pirate.

Can you be part pirate? He can.

Last time we all went to the beach together three years ago, he came out one night all dressed up:
From Cape San Blas 2009

So this year, we all planned to surprise him and dress up as well. My Grandmother was great to keep it all a secret. He was thrilled when we all jumped out at him and yelled, "ARRRGGGG!!!!"

We dressed up on our first night and planned to go out to eat. (Thank you Mom for basically putting together our outfits. It is hard to get a family with small kids out of the house and to the beach, much less with costumes. Good thing my mom likes to obsess over creat fun things like this! She got all project runway!) We did the "pirate night" earlier in the week because we didn't know if hurricane Issac was going to make us leave early.

As we drove up to the Raw Bar... oh my goodness... there was a HUGE crowd. We got out of the car - giggling and slightly embarrassed... Everyone stared for a while. Then they slowly started coming over one-by-one to ask what the heck we were doing and to get a picture with Granddad.

It was such a fun night. By the time we were able to sit and eat, we had forgotten we were even dressed up. I have to say the girls looked so cute! I think I have Halloween costumes covered... :)











It was an AWESOME way to kick off vacation! :) And I think we scarred off Hurricane Issac!! ARRRRGGGGGG!!!!

Friday, September 7, 2012

We miss you, Hallie.
We miss you everyday.
We talk about you everyday.
Your Mama thinks about you all the time.
When it's quiet.
When it's loud.
All the time.

Bella loved holding you. She tells me often.
She thinks you are so special.
Farrah is a great big sister.
She would have taken such good care of you!
What we would give for more time with you.
To have seen you do all the baby milestones your sisters did and will do.
5 days is so short.

I look at your picture and I go right back to the moments.
Of holding you. Hearing you breathe. Of feeding you.
But it feels so far away sometimes.
Like it was all a dream.
Looking at pictures helps me remember.

We love you.
Always will.
I am thankful for your dad and sisters. For family. For friends.
To keep us together.
To keep us going.
And we are thankful for the memories we have.
We rejoice daily that we will one day see you again.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Gulf Shores

Last week we had a planned vacation with my family in Florida. We left a couple of days early to go and visit the Walkers in Gulf Shores. They are living there for 6 months before going to Europe for a while! How fun, huh? We loved seeing them and of course the girls had a blast with Amelie (and baby Liam tried his best to keep up with the squealing girls.)

We had a GREAT time! Thanks for having us Kelly and Bobby. We love yall!!

Now get ready for this cuteness. Oh my goodness.