Friday, May 31, 2013

Splashing Around

We stopped at a fountain today to let the girls play. It was a little chilly, but they played for a bit. And they entertained us by running through the water for pictures. They have been so good tagging along with us as we move in one place and out of another. We try to remember to go have fun, too, in between all the "to-do" lists right now.

How fun are these pictures Chris captured?


IMG_1074 IMG_1075




Sunday, May 26, 2013

My girls are growing UP!!!

I can hardly stand it!! Chris and I look at them daily and can't believe how much they are growing. Now that the weather is getting so nice, we'll be getting the camera out more. And with baby on the way, of course!! These are from today. I just had to share because they are so fun!!!!! (The pictures and my kiddos!)

Bella and Farrah at 5.5 and 3.5 years old:





Roly Poly is a "Holy Poller"
Capri Sun is a "Pretty Sun"
Asked how she could open her heart. We were eating dinner and she wanted to share a chip with Hallie Girl loves to sing and dance. To real songs or made up ones.
She's just recently decided to become a climber, on everything.
She can talk, talk, talk.
Loves her baby dolls. And her baby cousins. Oh how I can't wait to see her with Baby Green!!

Thought the tooth fairy came at night and took her tooth out of her mouth. (She left a note saying, "I'm waiting on you, tooth fairy!")
Graduating this week from Pre-K!
Doing some reading
She can talk, talk, talk.
Loves to make "crafts" for anyone and is the most thoughtful little person I know!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Long overdue post! 35.5 weeks and counting!

It has been quite a while since I have posted, so I'm not sure where to start!

I am 35.5 weeks pregnant, and only 25 days left to go until my c-section! It will be exactly 18 months after Hallie's birthday. June 19th - same day of the month as Hallie and Farrah! I am so so so excited to meet this baby and have the surprise of the gender. We have not yet decided on a name, and I'm pretty sure we're not even close. It's hard enough to pick one name, but trying to decide on a boy and a girl name is even harder!

We moved last weekend and are trying to get settled. So far, we love it. We are not far from where we were - we have lots more space and a huge yard to play in :) I am pretty unsettled as far as unpacking and decorating, but I know it will get done. I swear all I need are diapers for this baby and I'm set. I cannot wait to hold my baby!!! You realize after the first baby, then a second, then from a miracle baby that you didn't get to keep here on earth long --- how much you really don't need. Everything material seems so insignificant to me now. For the most part, of course. I still love all the baby stuff -- but it's the least of my concern these days! I'm just treasuring every kick (and there are A LOT!!) and trying to not complain about pains too much (which I fail at!) as we await this sweet new family member.

Ryan and Melissa had their first baby last night. Melissa did awesome, and she and Ryan are already natural and great parents. It is so cool seeing your sibling as a parent, holy cow. Holding Hollis made me even more ready and excited. She is so incredibly beautiful and perfect. I love how our families are growing!

Here are a bunch of photos to play catch up!

Progression of cousins that will be 3.5 weeks (or less!) apart!

Us at almost 24 and 30 weeks:
iPhone pics may 2013

Around 27 and 33 weeks:
iPhone pics may 2013

At 32 & 38 weeks:
iPhone pics may 2013

March 15th - Farrah playing dress up in my clothes
iPhone pics may 2013

Easter 2013
iPhone pics may 2013

April 10th - Bella with her first loose tooth -- she was so excited!!
iPhone pics may 2013

April 24th - Bella's first tooth fell out while at school at snack time. Yay!!
iPhone pics may 2013
iPhone pics may 2013
iPhone pics may 2013

April 30th - Strawberry picking with GDaddy!
iPhone pics may 2013

May 1st- Wednesdays are my days with just Farrah while Bella is at school. This is at one of our favorite playgrounds / parks. It has a creek and I let them take their rainboots and play in it. They could play all day!!
iPhone pics may 2013
iPhone pics may 2013

Some of Bella's artwork. She creates all day long.
iPhone pics may 2013

Love having girls.
iPhone pics may 2013
iPhone pics may 2013
iPhone pics may 2013

Mother's Day Tea (Taken by Joy Cannis)
iPhone pics may 2013