Sunday, June 2, 2013

Bella's Pre-K Graduation


Kind of in denial that she's old enough for this! But then again, it doesn't because I feel like Bella is this little lady stuck in a little girl's body :)  She's amazing to me- all that she knows and says, her thoughts and her thoughtfulness, her creative and curious spirit. I am so proud and honored to be her mom. We are truly going to miss her weekday school and the intimate setting there. It's been apart of our life for 5 years! Thank you to all the teachers who have given her a great start in her education! Love yall!!







Emily said...

Precious!!!! I'm sure some tears were shed! I am dreading Kye going to pre-k in the fall 5 mornings a week :(

GG said...

So very proud of you, Mommy and Daddy for creating, molding and shaping such a precious child! "Actually" as Bella would say, you two are the best! So honored to be her GG!

Brooke said...

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