Wednesday, July 15, 2009

4th of July

I am super super super behind in posting. And I hate it because I really do like blogging! This summer has been a busy one, with and real estate stuff keeping us busy!!
We took a break over the 4th of July to join the Greens and Eurek's up in Dahlonega. Renya and Bruce have a beautiful new home they have built - what a view that was to wake up to! It was a nice relaxing 4th with some pool time at the R-Ranch, hiking to rivers and waterfalls, and just taking in the quiet. Here are some great shots from the weekend.

The three of us:

GG & Poppy:

Renya & Bruce:

The dogs were in heaven, just being able to run free!



We walked down to this waterfall:


"GG" said...

It was lots of fun and hope to do it some more in the very near future! freeing!!! Love you guys!

b green said...

In that last pic of you and bella, she looks like an old woman with those glasses on and her nose all scrunched up. Cute.