Thursday, August 2, 2012

Zumba & 4th of July

I haven't posted pictures in a while!! I have a few to share...

First, let me say a BIG THANK YOU for all of the support for Hope From Hallie! The Zumba-thon was so much fun!! And you helped us raise $1500! Wow. Humbling.

We had a great turnout!


Cute pic of Farrah and sis-in-law, Melissa!
Kt Melissa zumbathon


Looking back a couple more weeks... Forth of July

We spent the early afternoon at our pool. It was like Spring Break '98 out there... and we had the only kids. But we enjoyed it anyway! Having the pool next to us this summer has been so great, the girls are swimming like little fish now.

That afternoon, we went to a cookout/ good bye party for Kara, Jonathan and Dalton. They are moving back to Florida to be closer to family as Dalton grows. How CUTE is he?? His dimples are so adorable. 

We will miss seeing them, but I feel so blessed to have met Kara and sweet Dalton. Maybe we can visit them sometime!?! :) 

A little family photo

Silly Sisters

Those curls

They loved Dalton's baby toys

Kara even bought the girls some sparklers!

We finished off the fun day with Fireworks at Lenox. We were able to watch from a friend's office building. Thanks, Art and Katie! (I like the mom reflections in these pictures!)


It was a fun day!!

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Taylor Wise said...

That is a perch to watch the fireworks! Let's go to the pool soon...