Saturday, October 13, 2012

Bella turning 5

My first born is 5 years old.
It has flown by.
She is sweet, caring, giving, thoughtful. Tender hearted.
A great friend.
And so much fun!
Learning what Jesus is all about and how much God loves her.
Smart, inquisitive, and a wonderful big sister.
What a joy it is to be her mom.


Can you believe all of this was 5 years ago!?!? I certainly can't.


Sarah said...

She could not be any more beautiful and precious! Don't you love this age? My oldest is only 4, but she has become such a joy to be with. Happy Birthday Bella!

GG said...

It is incredible that God has blessed us with such a beautiful and thoughtful Green Girl! I don't say this to define her as Green only...I say this to say God has given me the honor and privilege to be the Grandmother of such wonderful, highly intellegent,sweet, thoughtful, loving granddaughters! I am honored, blessed beyond words to be a part of each one of their lives! I think often of Bella, Farrah, and Hallie...and now Aspen! They are all my heartbeat and God-given gifts to have a small part in assisting to raise them up to be godly women! Katie you absolutely blow me away with the job-your labor of love, with our precious Green beings! Love you so much! GG (Grandmother Green)

Taylor Wise said...

Happy Birthday to Bella! She is precious and gorgeous!

Emily said...

wow you seem to young to have a 5 year old ;) she is STUNNING!!! i cannot get over it! Hope she had an awesome 5th birthday :)

lalalalla said...

she is absolutely beautiful! you can see her sweet soul through her eyes!