Sunday, May 26, 2013

My girls are growing UP!!!

I can hardly stand it!! Chris and I look at them daily and can't believe how much they are growing. Now that the weather is getting so nice, we'll be getting the camera out more. And with baby on the way, of course!! These are from today. I just had to share because they are so fun!!!!! (The pictures and my kiddos!)

Bella and Farrah at 5.5 and 3.5 years old:





Roly Poly is a "Holy Poller"
Capri Sun is a "Pretty Sun"
Asked how she could open her heart. We were eating dinner and she wanted to share a chip with Hallie Girl loves to sing and dance. To real songs or made up ones.
She's just recently decided to become a climber, on everything.
She can talk, talk, talk.
Loves her baby dolls. And her baby cousins. Oh how I can't wait to see her with Baby Green!!

Thought the tooth fairy came at night and took her tooth out of her mouth. (She left a note saying, "I'm waiting on you, tooth fairy!")
Graduating this week from Pre-K!
Doing some reading
She can talk, talk, talk.
Loves to make "crafts" for anyone and is the most thoughtful little person I know!