Saturday, November 2, 2013

Happenings around here!

I don't pretend to think I'll ever catch up on this blog again. But, I do love to share when I can the girls getting older!

Julianne is now 4.5 months old! At her 2 month appt she was 12lbs 3 oz, and at her 4 month, she was just under 15 lbs. She is awesome. What else can I say? She just fits right in and I could watch her all day. Except, I can't with this full house. But I certainly try!

At three months:

At 4 months (or... 4.5 if we're being honest)

I love this picture of all the girls!!!

Bella turned 6 in October. Can't believe it. Farrah is turning 4 this month! Wow.


We had two late-season trips to Cape San Blas this summer. They were both amazing with our wonderful families. We've stayed busy on the weekends with soccer, birthday parties, apple picking, pumpkin farm visiting and overall trying to enjoy the fall weather! Other than that... some days it feels like we are just surviving.... looking towards bedtime for some breathing room. But I feel so blessed to be home with the girls and get to watch them grow, even if the days are long --- I know the years are SHORT!!!