Wednesday, April 8, 2009


So, I don't know if anyone noticed or cared, but I took a little break from blogging for a while there in Feb. I had a new little hobby that I started in January. Saving $ at the grocery store...
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So the trip above was this week, I spent $36, but saved $55!
Chris poked fun at me for a while there, and I do look a little crazy when I come home with 4 newspapers on Sunday... haha. But he's since embraced it. He even got me a Couponizer for my birthday in Feb! I love it!!
I've also gotten others to join and save - April, Morgan, Erin, Sara, Kelly and my friend Jill from small group!
It's really not hard, just takes some time to start up and be good about making a list and sticking to it!! What's great is also getting diapers for cheap!!
Check out the beginner's guide and website of and Good luck!


Chelsie said...

i just like that the cashiers name is Shenika :)

Tara said...

ooh, I'm a coupon girl too. I dash out on Sunday morning to my driveway, PJ's and all to grab the paper and start cutting those coupons. I'm inspired by your thirftyness.

Amber said...

this makes me so happy. I"m glad to know I'm not alone in this new endeavor. And you made bank! Way to go!!!

Klee said...

ok i am flipping obsessed with coupon savings.
I use
Also please tell me you take advantage of CVS. They be having crazy sales... 24/7.. like last week if you had 2 coupons for the intuition razors ( $4.00 off each) then since they were buy one get one free and you use two coupons you pay 1.99 for 2 razors.... riiiiiidiculous! hahahah

i told keith i wanteed rainboots for my birthday.. but now i think i was that coupon book hahahah
ohh the joys in life!

morgan collins said...

I want a couponizer! good thing my bday is coming up:)
I like the cashiers name too Chels:)

The Harner's said...

That's awesome!! Especially for Publix!

Thanks girl for helping me with the link thing. Now, I'll be a linking fool! :)

b green said...

Shenika was your Cashier. Really?

Molly said...

Katie I've started doing the same thing too! I have a notebook with dividers and organize all my coupons ins baseball card sleeves and take it to the store with me! I get so excited when something is on sale and I have a coupon! HA! I love the part about Shenika

April said...

Ooooh...I need a couponizer. It seems I tell everyone about southersavers here lately....even today at the grocery store.