Monday, April 27, 2009

Some of our weekend

Saturday night we enjoyed an awesome dinner at the Peter's. Katie P can cook! The girls had fun playing in the sprinkler and Bella loved her first ice cream cone.

Sunday afternoon, my parents came out to get some "Green Time" as they called it.

All in all, it was a relaxing weekend. I love being outside. I can't wait for a beach trip. And I can't wait for our neighborhood pool to open!!

Check back tomorrow for a fun post!


Kristin Brannan Wilson said...

I was just checking out your blog & Cameron, my 2 year old shouts out, "Who is that?" I told him it was Bella and he replied that he really liked Bella and Bella's house! Too funny! Looks like a fun weekend!

julie said...

Thank you Green's for a fun, relaxing evening. Nothing soothes us more than a big hug & smile from Bella. And the sidewalk burgers were great! Love ya.

"GG" said...

More great pictures! Love the green swimsuit and the child could not help loving ice cream...she comes from a long line of ice cream lovers on both sides! ummmm...seem to remember a special triple something or other from Blue Bell...Jules introduced us to???