Thursday, June 4, 2009


Another word Bella loves to say.
Because it's her favorite place to be.
On OUR bed.
Jumping. Rolling. Being Silly.
ESPECIALLY when Daddy is home.

Oh, the simple things. So fun to be a kid!


The Harner's said...

I really gotta know how to make the pictures look like that. They have a different quality to them. Like magazine photos and not just snapshots. I am totally jealous. How? How? How? Guess I should read the stinkin instructions! :)

"GG" said...

So much fun! Just don't let the little daredevil take another dive... of course for some children it only takes one time to make the connection! Love you guys!!!
I'm at the airport leaving Orlando tonight for AR - and back to Orlando tomorrow night! Back in Atlanta next Friday night! Keep the wonderful pics and posts brighten everyone's day!