Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Two of these

Sometimes I can't believe I'm going to have two of these. (kids)
Chris is so good at taking pictures. I hope with child #2, the shots will keep coming. I think they will... it's become a huge hobby of his.

I'm in that stage between looking pregnant and looking like I had too many donuts. Just in time for bathing suit season.

Wondering if I should do belly pics like I did with Bella.

We are going to the beach in a couple of weeks. Tankini?

Oh, how we are looking forward to a vacation and time away.

This is my random blog of the month.


Kelly Ford said...

We're trying to plan to go to the beach as well, and with my post baby body, i'm thinking moo moo. So you rock out your preggo self in whatever suit you want... you'll be beautiful. All I can hope for is that people pay more attention to my baby than my belly :-)
I cant believe youre gonna have 2 either!!! FUNNN!!!

morgan collins said...

just get a bathing suit with a skirt...then you will have offically entered momhood.

b green said...

I know the in betweenie feeling of being pregnant and eating too many doughnuts. I feels ya.

julie said...

You wear any bathing suit you want! My idea is you will never see those people again! :). As far as the belly pics, you better do all you can do to record this little miracle just like the first one. Or when they grow up & you are all sitting around the Thanksgiving table, you will me asked why you didn't! That's my two cents worth today. Give that little sweetheart a kiss for me.

Katie said...

I agree! Do the belly pics! Your little baby will appreciate it one day and think it is the coolest thing! Hope you all are doing well!

Angelam1 said...

i feel ya on the in-between phase. last week my grandma said my cousin asked if i was showing. she said, "she doesn't really look pregnant just overweight." i hadn't really thought of it that way so now i am constantly touching my stomach and telling random strangers that i'm pregnant b/c i don't like the confused stare that says, "is that a beer gut?"
as for the beach, i couldn't bring myself to get a skirt - i got two on sale at rich's - a one piece that i can still squeeze into that kinda has a little bit cut out on the side but hides the stomach, and a two piece that i'll wear this cute cover-up over - it was on the may issue of pregnancy & newborn.