Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Farrah is Three Months!

Time is flying!
Farrah turned 3 months old on the 19th.

She continues to have such a sweet disposition. She's been a little stuffy and is currently sleeping on my chest. This is no easy feat, as she's 15 lbs 6 oz!! (and 24.5" long as of Monday.) Jk, it's not hard to hold her, but she is solid. I think my back is already hurting a bit of picking her up! Mom's know - that infant car seat gets heavier as they get bigger. More to love!

Farrah is now sitting for a while in the Bumbo, sleeping great at night & sharing a room with her big sister, cooing and just smiling with those big cheeks! I admittedly need to remember to put her on her tummy more for tummy time and rolling over, but I think she could be close. ?

Here are some shots of her on the 19th:


Lacey said...

So sweet....I love chubby baby cheeks!!

"GG" said...

She is so precious and so sweet to hold and kiss on!!! Enjoyed my time with the girls Monday night! Hope she feels better real soon! Give my Baby Girl and Angel Baby great big hugs and kisses from GG and Poppy!!!

b green said...

Oh my awesome! She is so cute.

Rachel said...

I realize that you probably don't even want to think about this fact right now, but you two make the PRETTIEST baby girls! You have GOT to have more of these! : )
So fun to see the pics and here about your life out there. Miss you all!

Rachel B

Julie Tiemann said...

Oh, she is TOO cute! Love those chubby cheeks! I think she weighs more than Lily does right now (at six months)!!!

I love that last one - looks like she's punching the camera(wo?)man.

Chelsie said...

omg. she is so precious. seriously. can't wait to see more of her little personality!!!

Tara said...


Kelly Ford said...

Rhyan was 14lbs 10.9oz at FOUR months!
Farrah is ADORABLE! I love me some chunky monkey baby :-)