Sunday, February 7, 2010

Mexico Beach

Oh my gosh we are busy around here. One of my favorite things is to blog. One of Chris' favorite things is to take pictures. Neither have been getting very much attention.

Here are some pictures of our trip to Wewahitchka for my Grandmom's memorial service as well as on Mexico Beach (down the road from Wewa) where we stayed. It was extremely windy and cold on the beach, but we had fun for a little bit anyway!

Not sure why I am standing like this. But the rest of my family looks adorable.

Bella and I:

How cute is this of Daddy and Bella?

These birds were RIGHT over our head. Bella was not so sure about this!!

But how adorable:

Farrah and I:

Little Green Family:

McIver Christmas Card this year:

I'd live at the beach at the drop of a dime (if the rest of my family lived close). It was a nice time to be together during the loss of a loved one.


Emily said...

wow i'd KILL to have half the photography talent that your hubby does. you're so blessed to have so many AMAZING pictures of your beautiful family! i'm so glad you were able to find comfort during such a tough time, being together with everyone makes it all so much easier doesn't it? and it's great that you guys were able to squeeze a little fun in too!

Rachael said...

I would live at the beach too if my family would come along!! :)

"GG" said...

We always wondered why are mom's would look right at us and call us by another one of her children's names...well my's happening to you too! I believe you meant to say Daddy and Bella or maybe posted the wrong picture...either way... you have officially joined the "mombrained club" I love you and you truly are the best mommy!!!!