Monday, March 22, 2010

Farrah is Four Months - Pictures

I love ALL of the pictures this month! Look at that sweet, fun personality coming out!!! I didn't know how to narrow these down. We took about 50, and I narrowed them down to 25 on the Flickr site. Here are a few!!


As you can see, she's still a big baby!! :) It's funny, because she's still in the limp noodle phase (with good head control), but is pretty heavy!!! Her 4th month stats on Friday were - watch this - 17.61 lbs (98%), 25.9" (93%) and 98% in head circumference. At least she's proportional!! ;)

As if she knew I wrote a blog about her... she has slept the best in the last two nights than she ever has. And took 3 good naps yesterday. Maybe we ARE turning a corner! Now... if we can just get her to take a bottle...

I love you, Farrah Kate!!!


kharner said...

She is an awesome baby, I cant tell! She is precious! And big, yes!! Logan is only 24 pounds and he's 2! Wow, is she just big or is he just small?


morgan collins said...

precious:) she looks like a little sumo wrestler:)

Nana Julie said...

She is so much fun already!!

The Watsons said...

Oh my gosh! She is so chubby and so cute!! I just LOVE those cheeks!! She'll thin out in no time once she gets more mobile. That girl's gonna be a blast!

"GG" said...

She is absolutely 17.61 lbs. of pure joy and love! What a beautiful smile and what a personality!!! Looking forward to watching her grow and develop into the beautiful little girl she already is!!!