Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Another New Post!

I'm on a roll... don't stop me!

Here are some pictures from a few weeks ago. We live down the street from Historic Oakland Cemetery and have never visited believe it or not. It's a cool place where some famous people are buried. And it makes for some beautiful pictures the way it sits between the city in the background and the Cotton Mill on the other side.

These are some of the first pictures Chris took with his new camera. He's a stud.


Bella is deciding not to look at the camera most of the time now. So, to get her to cooperate, we get her to do "letters"... Here she is doing a "T"

Cute Hat from Melissa:

Just plain sweet, and styling in her hat:

And I love this little outfit on Bella. From my consignment shopping. :)

I have to say I really enjoy having two girls :) And a sweet husband who likes to take pictures!!


shea said...

Great photos! Oakland is so pretty which is an odd thing to say about a cemetery, but it truly is. I know people like to run there and we've gone on the ghost tour around Halloween a few times. Very interesting tour.

The Lockharts said...

Loved "catching up" with your family on the blog. Your girls are BEAUTIFUL! It is crazy how different they look though :).

Melissa Gouge said...

love these pictures and LOVE that hat! it looks great on you! :)

T, C, and K Family said...

Awesome pics! Gorgeous family! :)
Chris...what would your camera be equivalent to for Nikon? Do you know?

Sherri D said...

Um, I love and adore that hat you're wearing, Katie! Where did you find it?

Nana Julie said...

LOVE THESE PICS! Love the new camera!