Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Farrah is Five Months!


Farrah is growing, growing!
This month, she is getting teeth - her bottom two & her eye teeth have barely broken through. Her other top 4 are just under the surface (I think... it's so hard to tell when they will finally come out!!) The bottom ones are the ones I can feel.
She's laughing, squealing... almost yelling in her excitement sometimes (today, I thought it was Bella it was so loud!!) She loves watching her sister, her reflection in mirrors, her animals on her mobile. Farrah is "talking" up a storm too! (She loves the "oooooooooooooo" sound) I need to get some videos up of that. She's such a good and sweet baby!

I was pretty by-the-book with Babywise with Bella - and it totally worked -- she still is a great sleeper and napper. But I have found that I am totally more relaxed this time, I had to be any way- I started stressing when I tried to be too scheduled with Farrah because it was too much to handle with a 2.5 year old running around. She is on a good routine that loosely follows the same schedule Bella had- except I don't wake her in the morning at the same time. If she'll sleep... I'm letting her!! Basically, I'm just more laid back, but know when it's time for her to nap.

Here are some sweet pictures of Farrah Kate the other day. One of my favorite things about her continues to be her hands. She loves to reach out and grab you - your hands, your face, your clothes... hard to explain. But it's noticable - almost like she's trying to get your attention. Something I noticed with her pretty early... and I love it. :)

IMG_2681 IMG_2679 IMG_2685 IMG_2693


The Jacobs Family said...

She is a doll. I can't believe how fast are babies are growing up.

Emily said...

she's super cute! I love her fuzzy hair..even bald you can tell she's a GIRL!!! And btw I didn't know you were a babywise mom! :)

Melissa Nicole said...

I love that sweet girl so much!!! She is beautiful

Kelly Ford said...

Oh, good grief, she's gorgeous!
I was just telling a pt this morning that the next go round i'm going to be a little more relaxed and not wake the baby in the a.m. She was saying she did that and would just get the baby back on schedule throughout the day. I'm thinking that sounds great :-) Good for you.
I'm so glad you're loving life! BOTH of your girls are beautiful..

Allison Wolfe said...

She's so beautiful! Yeah we have a schedule but we never did babywise.... Dang if she's asleep, I'm not waking her!!! She will wake when she's hungry! And I can read the cues for naptime! I think too much scheduling kinda makes me nutty! I have to go with the flow with her!

"GG" said...

She is growing up way too fast as is her big sister!!! I so love the pictures and she is so expressionable! Love my Green Girls!!!