Saturday, April 24, 2010

I'm still here :)

I have a lot of catching up to do!
We have been enjoying this beautiful weather. I don't know about y'all, but this winter was really long for me with a baby and 2 year old--- getting out and walking everyday has been awesome!! The girls love it, I love it... and there is so much to do! Bella likes to talk about EVERYTHING and is just loving the small and simple things God created - flowers (picking them ;)), watering our little vegetable garden, all the animals at the zoo, cats, dogs and squirrels we see on our walks.

Haha- and lets be real- and walks give us a break from being in the house (aka - being asked 500 questions an hour). It gives me a reset on whatever we are doing. It keeps the house from being destroyed for a bit. And it's entertaining to them both, without having to hold one or both of them! I love the outdoors so much!!!

These pictures are from at least 3 weeks ago - maybe more - when the weather started getting nice! The whole fam went on a little walk and relaxed in the park. I have some more posts coming...



She's getting so big!!! Her hair is growing at an amazing speed all of a sudden. And she is growing taller and taller.
IMG_2107 IMG_2134


And as Bella says, "You've got TWO GIRLS!"

... And I love it!!!


The Watsons said...

Oh, Katie, they are so, so beautiful!! I just can't even believe how much Bella has grown! She looks like a little lady! And Farrah is filling out and looking like a bundle of fun! I know you feel so blessed.

And, you're right. A walk is like a stay-at-home mom's glass of wine in the middle of the day!!

Nana Julie said...

Thank you for sharing these pictures! How sweet. Makes me miss yall so much! And I am so happy that you are enjoying the little things in life that matter do much. And seeing how much you love being a mom is priceless. God has really blessed you & Chris. Love you sweetheart.

Julie Tiemann said...

Love that last picture!!! Your girls are GORGEOUS! And I'm mwith ya on the walk - sometimes it's the only thing that keeps us Tiemann girls from losing our minds. ;)

Beth Guthrie said...

Seeing you in that last picture makes me feel like a wuss. I only have one 20 lb baby and my poor muscles can barely take it. You're my hero!