Wednesday, May 26, 2010

2.5 or 16??

Geez. Too big, too fast.


I have always complained about our favorite restaurant not being child friendly. You have to bring your own booster or clip-on high chair to Taqureria. Then, BAM! they are all grown up and can sit in their own chair, eating chips and dip with you. Stop growing, little one!


I think this is why I complain far far less about anything Farrah does (cry, spit up, etc.) because all of a sudden, they are grown.

Is it possible to live in the moment too much?


"GG" said...

oh my gosh...can the Green Girls get any cuter??? Give them kisses and hugs from GG!!!

Kristin Brannan Wilson said...

Geez Katie, you've got 2 beautiful girls!!! How lucky you are!!! Bella is truly beautiful!!

Emily said...

omg these pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!! she totally looks SO grown up!!! I agree that you can't savour the moment enough :)

b green said...

Any boys, I mean any boys...there will be consequences and repercutions (sp?).