Monday, November 14, 2011

Pregnancy Update - 34 weeks

Baby is the size of: We had yet another ultrasound today! Hallie is following in her sisters' footsteps by being photographed a ton :) She is measuring around 3.5 lbs (I think - it went by so fast today, Chris and I felt like we didn't catch much!) So she's still smaller than a typical pregnancy, but growing! She was head down today. Hopefully she settles down there soon! 

Symptoms: Just tired and feel more uncomfortable than I look.

Sleep: Still sleeping well. I think the girls have had little colds this week and it makes them sleep even better - I'll take it! Yesterday morning I had to wake Farrah up at 9, even though all 3 lights/lamps had been turned on by her sister at 8. Chris and I are night owls and I think we are raising little owls... 

Fun moment(s) this past week: The girls I volunteer for & with at church threw me a surprise shower on Thursday. I was so honored and just feel blessed! They "showered" me with lunch and some pampering things for me - a facial, lotions, and a gift card to Dry Bar. I look forward to my Thursdays so much and just being with them.

Movement: This could be Hallie's middle name. I love it, though. They are by far the biggest movements I've had with my pregnancies. 

Food cravings: sweets. pumpkin stuff. more sweets. Oreos for dinner, anyone? 

Gender & Name: Hallie

Belly Button in or out? the verdict is out on this one

What I am looking forward to: Having a girl's night Friday with my best friends and then celebrating Farrah's 2nd birthday Saturday! This week is going to be busy but good! 

Reflections on the past week: Up & down. Thankfully, most of it up. The hard nights are filled with the anxiety of the unknown. As you can imagine, as a mom, I am entering a nesting phase but I don't know what to totally do with all of that. I want to be ready for Hallie to come home, but I also want to be prepared for her to not come home and make the most of that time. I know she doesn't need much when she comes home. I am sure I will just hold her the whole time :) She'll be in our room, etc. Bella reminds me daily that, "We need to set up the pack n' play for Hallie!" I don't want to worry you all with every detail that goes through my head. I just have to get through those nights and remember that I can't control everything. Then I have days/nights like today where I'm cool as a cucumber and bad thoughts are far away.

Prayer requests: About the same as last week. Pray we make it until the Dec 19th induction with smooth sailing. That is only 5 weeks away, and I'm not ready for anything sooner. I have a gut feeling that we are going to get there and meet her and I just know whatever happens, it's going to be precious time. This baby is one prayed over baby - thanks to all of YOU - and there is a peace in all of this suffering. It's amazing. I smile every time she moves (which is a lot!) and I am so thankful for that.

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Angelam1 said...

katie everytime i read your blog it's like riding a roller coaster. i cry everytime. i know how loved hallie is & i am amazed by your faithfulness. i don't think you realize that your blog not only helps women in your situation but so many others as well.