Sunday, March 4, 2012

Vacation Days 3,4,5

After our great day at Magic Kingdom on Monday, we decided to stay a little longer in Orlando! Plus... our house back home was staying clean which was good for showings :) Tues, Wed and Thursday we just kinda played around the house, in the hot tub (which the girls called the swimming pool - it was a great size and good temp to get in there!) and we did a lot of bad eating :) Vacation calories don't count. Riiiiiiiiight.

The girls sang Happy Birthday to me

Rachael always talks about Rainforest Cafe, so we had to try it!!!
I just love Bella's coloring these days. She loves to color!
Rachael asked if the girls were scared, but they seemed to like it. But I asked Farrah to do a scary face so I could send her a picture.
She cracks me up more everyday!

We also painted fingernails, watched TV, and the girls "played babies" a lot.

Farrah has also started potty training, I guess. I should probably be more all about it since she's interested... but it was hard to want to worry about it on vacation. But we moved to Pull Ups, and she's keeping it dry most of the time. Even while traveling in the car, she asks to stop and go. This is what we did with her when she wanted to go while in the hot tub... :)

And... Chris worked those photography skills! He loves taking cool shots and loves taking of them of our girls. I reap all the benefits (and I have no idea how to work that camera!!)

We went to Hollywood Studios on Friday (our last day - pics to come). We enjoyed getting to spend the day there with Uncle Ryan and Aunt Melissa - and the girls got to meet their FAVORITE Disney Characters (Oso and Jake!)... they were in HEAVEN!!

While away, I was following Jeannie's progress, and thought about her every second on Friday! Friday Porter was born, and there seemed to be so many reminders of Hallie and Porter that day. March is Trisomy Awareness Month! There is an actual get together in Orlando/Disney in 2 weeks. Some trisomy children get to ride on a float! But while we were there Friday, I swear I saw so many families that had children with trisomy. I don't know if there was a different get together, or what was going on, but it was noticeable to Chris and I. It made me happy, but I also could feel that pit in your stomach... that night I had to come home and research just to know if there was a gathering that I had perhaps missed. But I don't think there was. I think it was just a sweet reminder of Hallie and of Porter.

Thanks also for those who have been praying for the Peabody's. Jeannie is amazing.


Recording Megow Adventures said...

the condo we stay at on vacation has a huge garden tub too,,,we take LOTS of bubble baths,,so much so that often my girls ask, "Mama, can we go to the beach house? I wanna take a bath there!!" lol

Julie Tiemann said...

I LOVE their dresses! Where did you get those?

I also LOVE that picture of Bella's hair. Chris really does have a way with the camera.

Emily said...

You dress the girls so so cute...hope I am able to be a good girl dresser ;)

Lisa Marcia said...

Looks like you guys had an amazing time. The older Farrah gets, I think the more she starts to look like Bella. :) Your girls are beautiful and Chris is in trouble.