Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hair & Swings

A couple of weeks ago, Bella got a "big girl" haircut. I only call it that because it was actually more than a trim this time. And she looks 16 half of the time, I swear!!!! Growing up too fast!


And Farrah (and her hair!) is growing like a weed, too!



Anonymous said...

Farrah is so much like you! They are so beautiful :). Happy little girls!

KatAp said...

You have beautiful children! All three of them.

Lisa Marcia said...

You guys get the best pictures! :)

Anonymous said...

Kate and Chris, I am still following you and the girls via your blog from way up here in the North Pole. I know you will stay strong and that your family will be forever richer for having precious Halle in your lives. I look forward to visiting you all again this Christmas. So, get those lists in early.


Santa Rick