Friday, September 21, 2012

Picture Night at the Beach

Our Group Shot!
We missed you, Keegan!!

A couple of things to note on both of these pictures, the biting flies were TERRIBLE on this night!!! Oh my goodness!!! So if our faces looked strained or painful... you know why!

And also in this picture below, my granddad made a tombstone for the hurricane. We were so sad that our vacation was most likely going to end early... and it headed in a totally different direction. I think our pirate-ness scared him off.


I wasn't kidding. We took a few pics then hauled it back up to the house!

Mom and Dad

Ryan & Melissa
The Girls
Chris & I


Nana & Farrah

Aunt Melissa


I miss the beach!! Blessed that we live so close to heaven though, and were able to go with both of our families this year! I'll TRY to get the rest of the pictures on the next post! There are so many good ones it's always hard to choose.


Nana Julie said...

Luckily the crazy flies went away like Isaac!

Emily said...

Your grandpa is awesome...also melissa lisa amazing!!

Lis said...

I have enjoying sharing in your family vacation so much! You have a beautiful family and your mom could pass for a sister, not a mom.. Your girls have the sweetest faces, and Farrah's little smile looks just like you... Have a great week. Thanks for sharing with us!

Shannon Willcutt said...

I am not really sure how I ran across your blog, but I have been I guess what you'd call a blog stalker for quite some time now! And I have never commented before...but I just HAD to comment on the biting flies!! We were at the beach several years ago in September, and oh my goodness gracious...between the biting flies and the lovebugs mating season, we literally spent the majority of our week there inside! The pictures we have from that vacation make me laugh to look back on screaming, awful faces...seems like you know what I mean! We would run out to the beach, soak our beach towels in the water, cover our entire bodies with them, and hope to stay out for at least 5 minutes. It was crazy!!!!

You have a beautiful family, and I enjoy reading about ya'll. I have two little girls myself and an angel baby in heaven (mine by early miscarriage, so very different from your story, but nevertheless, I just felt a connection). In fact, I think that is what drew me to your blog the first time I ran across it.

Have a happy weekend!!

*Butler, Party of 2* said...

Your whole family is SO stinkin' beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

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