Friday, September 7, 2012

We miss you, Hallie.
We miss you everyday.
We talk about you everyday.
Your Mama thinks about you all the time.
When it's quiet.
When it's loud.
All the time.

Bella loved holding you. She tells me often.
She thinks you are so special.
Farrah is a great big sister.
She would have taken such good care of you!
What we would give for more time with you.
To have seen you do all the baby milestones your sisters did and will do.
5 days is so short.

I look at your picture and I go right back to the moments.
Of holding you. Hearing you breathe. Of feeding you.
But it feels so far away sometimes.
Like it was all a dream.
Looking at pictures helps me remember.

We love you.
Always will.
I am thankful for your dad and sisters. For family. For friends.
To keep us together.
To keep us going.
And we are thankful for the memories we have.
We rejoice daily that we will one day see you again.


Jill said...

This is beautiful Katie. Strange..I'm up late tonight (for me!) too just writing about Mom. And then reading this made me think about heaven...and how they are both there. And have they met? How does that work? Because if so, I feel like my Mom would have run up to her and gone "YOU'RE HALLIE! I know all about you!" But I realize this is such a 1:20a.m. comment...but I do think about these things...and Farrah IS such a great big sister. Love that girl. Even just the way she RAN up to Lindy today with a huge "Hey LINDY!" She is just too precious. And Bella with "hey, who do you have there?" nurturing. So blessed by all three little green girls.

Nana Julie said...

I couldn't agree more. When I look at Bella & Farrah I can't help but think about Hallie & who she would have been. I miss her. Her sweet pictures will always be the same, unchanging over time. Looking forward to the day I can hold her, rock her, sing & read to her again. You & Chris have done an amazing job raising two sweet girls with personalities just like their mom & dad!

Love you forever, love you always.
As long as I'm living my baby you'll be!

Anonymous said...


GG said...

Amazing you wrote this on September 7th. I picked up the completed shadow box I had made at Hobby Lobby with Hallie's picture, footprint and Hope for Hallie bracelet that evening. I brought it home and just stared at it. I cannot wait for you and Chris to see it. I have a feeling it will go home with you both! Love all my Green Girls more than I can express!

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful friend. Beautiful.

Heather Shields said...

I don't know your story, but I will click around your blog until I figure it out. Either way, this touched my heart. And made me cry. Blessings!