Friday, January 25, 2013

Green Baby #4 - 18 weeks

I hit 18 weeks on Tuesday.
I had an ultrasound that day, the one with all the anatomy scans and stuff. We have decided not to find out the gender this time around! It took convincing (of myself and of Chris by me), but we made it past the ultrasound -- so now we'll be surprised at birth. I have a few little reasons for wanting to do this, but mostly - why not? I could totally LOVE being the mom of all girls or LOVE having a little boy! If it's a girl, we have things covered. If it's a boy, it will be mid summer in Georgia, and he won't need any clothes anyway! :)

I'm starting to feel little flutters when I lay down at night. I'm showing for sure. All is the same in this pregnancy, with a few added varicose veins (compression knee highs are my bff right now.) I'm enjoying being pregnant and I try to never take this little life inside of me for granted. The four of us couldn't be more excited about adding another person and personality to our family.

Here are some pictures.
A profile pic, one of the baby with it's fists up, and a third with the legs straight up (flexible like Farrah!)

I have no "feeling" as to what the gender is. I never do, though. But boy will it be fun to find out this time at birth!!!


Tara said...

So exciting!!! Whatever the sex this baby is such a blessing!!! I am enjoying following your journey. Thanks for sharing!

Rachael said...

Katie- trusting God to prepare your heart is an amazing testimony. He WILL bless you. I have no doubts this sweet babies arrival will be amazing. It's not a feeling I can describe but God will provide all the strength love and peace you will ever need that day. I love you

Emily said...

LOVE that last picture!!!!! So adorable :) I am BEYOND excited for yall and so glad you're going to be surprised at the sex :) You know how hardcore I am about that :) So glad everything is going well and I wanna see some cute belly pics!!!!

Jill said...

Love!!! So proud of y'all for staying strong with the surprise! Those moments for me....I could get emotional right now just writing about them, forever etched in my memory, nothing like it. It'll make you crazy at the end, but WORTH it!!!

Loni said...

So exciting! I just gave birth to our mystery baby on tuesday, finding out the sex at birth was amazing!!!! You will love it!


Amy Howard said...

How wonderful, you guys! Best surprise in the world to find out in the birthing room. It makes it so dramatic and fun. :)

Amy Howard said...

How wonderful, you guys! Best surprise in the world to find out in the birthing room. It makes it so dramatic and fun. :)

Lisa said...

I just stopped in to check on your little family and to my surprise...your family is growing! Congratulations from Dothan, Alabama!!

Perinatal Loss Office said...

Congratulations!! Whatever the gender, one thing is for sure....this baby will be so loved!

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