Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Update at 23 weeks!

I'm not the updater I used to be, but I always love to update when I have ultrasound pictures.

Here is an ultrasound from last Tuesday, at 22 weeks:

I love that profile! Everything is looking good and baby's gender stayed a secret.

Then there are these crazies keeping me busy:

at school on Valentines' Day:

At our playground:

At the libary:

At home:

And I just found this. Apparently Farrah loaded me up with stickers on my backside, then took a picture of it, all while I was cooking dinner.

so, yeah... I don't blog much anymore... haaa

Thankful for my little ones. Counting down the time until we meet baby Green #4!


Life as you know it said...

OMG baby's heart is the shape of a HEART! Am I the only one who sees that?!? So cool. glad everything is looking great and the girls keep getting prettier and prettier :)

Emily said...

man yall get the BEST ultrasound pics!!!! my kids never took nearly as good of ones ;)

farrah seriously keeps me cracking up. her expressions are PRICELESS :)

Julie Tiemann said...

Those girls. SO funny. Such personality and such style too. :) Can't wait 'til #4 joins the fun!!!!

GG said...

I had to go back and look to see Baby #4 heart in the shape of a heart! It is!!! Very observant! Always love when you post to your blog. I see the pictures on Flickr but don't know the back story (no pun intended!!! I seriously keep looking at the stickers and wondered what it was a picture of...) Haha! Love you guys!!! Miss seeing you all!!!!

First House Spouse said...

Oh, taking kids to the library is a great idea! We are so excited for you as we've just hit our 8 week mark! How's your nausea?

brett0812smith said...

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Living Life and Loving It said...

Congratulations! so excited for you all and I like surprises too. Our family was blessed yesterday by the addition of Lucas Clay Alford. That makes me a 'great' auntie O for the 11th time. :)

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