Sunday, August 3, 2008

Pictures from our trip

I'm tired. Keeping up with a turbo crawler is cute and all, but exhausting. Just being honest. But here are some GREAT shots that my awesome hubbie took. He's so great.

This is our fav:

There were a lot of people on this trip. These are my siblings, cousin, and new step-cousins.


This was Bella's idea:

Cute Daddy and Bella:

Cool (really long) dock:


maryhanks said...

What a beautiful family you guys are! Thanks for being a part of the wedding of the year last night!!!

"GG" said...

Awesome pictures! You guys make me smile and thank God a lot! Love ya!

morgan collins said...

pictures look good as always!

First Family Photo said...

Hey Katie and Chris, I am loving all of these fun pictures. Chris, you are a wonderful photographer, of course you have beautiful subjects to work with. Love the one of Bella upside down on the beach- made me laugh! Love- Kim

Ashley Davis said...

I love all your pictures! Chris is a awesome photographer!! I love the one of Bella on the dock:)

kharner said...

chris, you are awesome with that camera!! i am so jealous! i need some major lessons. all i can do is point and shoot. i am definitely not taking advantage of all the camera has to offer. it's sad, really.