Monday, August 11, 2008

The Giessen Wedding

Who knew...Bella goes bonkers for horses. I thought that huge head would freak her out, but it only created a level of elation that we've rarely seen in her. The squeal she shrieked over the farmland was incredible, and it's so much fun to see a little human experience something for the first time. An awesome experience.

Speaking of awesome. Casey and Sara's wedding was one for the history books.

[WARNING: Vivid verbs and artistic adjectives approaching...]

The setting: a wonderfully warm summer afternoon. The skies: a baby blue canvas bubbling with orange cumulus clouds. The weather: precarious, with flickers of lightning and a rain-cooled breeze teasing the event. The couple: radiant.

This wedding was cool. Really cool. Located on the Hanks family farm, a field was cleared between horses and goats for the wedding. Who else would create hand-crafted pallet walls with antique windows, an old fireplace and mantle, and of course, a formal chandelier presiding over the ceremony? A unique, beautiful wedding to match a uniquely beautiful couple. God's blessings on the newest Giessen's. Here are some highlights:


morgan collins said...

looks pretty cool...and yall look great as always. thank you for the in depth description.

Chelsie said...

i love how chris and bella have the exact same expression in the last pic.. did you plan that? hahah

when are you guys coming to see me??!

Area said...

Hey Katie...I've ended up with an extra ticket (my date had to work) if anyone needs one. :)

Klee said...

um... it has been way to long since you have updated. i am feeling bored in classes so i need reading materials