Monday, August 11, 2008

10 months old!!

Bella is 10 months old today! CRAZY!
Here are some shots from today!

Chillin' in the buggy at Wal-Mart today; it's hard to show just how much she is laid back!

At dinner tonight:

Her favorite things right now:
-Pulling up on everything and standing up
-Still loves black beans, also bread and yogurt
-Biting my shoulder with her 5 teeth
-Giving us raspberries (blows on our stomach)
-Getting raspberries
-Her baby doll
-Giving kisses
-Reading books at night and turning the pages
-Dumping out the dog food
-Turbo Crawling
-Being rocked
-Showing off her flexibility!

We are eating up every minute with her. I can't believe how fast she is growing and learning new things.

Here are some other photos from this past month, told via the iPhone camera:
After the pool with mom, working on a sippy cup:

Trying to release her buddy, Bandit:


Beautiful sleeper:

Cheap Entertainment:

I am more in love with Bella Reese everyday. Her personality is as fun and beautiful as she is on the outside! What was life like before her? We are happy parents!! I am a happy mom!


"GG" said...

What a beautiful family! You all are so blessed and the best part is that you know and understand it! Keep blessing us with your stories, pictures and lives! We love you all so much!

Julie said...

Second gg's comments. What did we ever do before Bella!

morgan collins said...

she is so great. and so are yall!

Chelsie said...

she is just so beautiful. i love you guys!

Kelly Ford said...

what is up w/ her leg always being propped up?! haha! she's adorable! (must be in the genes)

Katie Raftelis said...

she looks so fun! Only 2 more months and our babies will be a year old...WOW!

b green said...

Seriously, how hood is "the baby in the laundry basket"? She probably enjoys that more then any other toy.

Beth said...

I didn't think it was possible for Bella to get any more cute, but I was wrong.

Scott and Katie said...

Its about time. I can't get over those teeth!