Saturday, January 31, 2009

Question #8

Did you nurse and if so for how long... do you recommend an epidural... in general, any info on pregnancy/beginning of mommyhood.

Yes, I nursed and it was great. But it took work and determination. I think I went about 10.5 months. I know it's not for everyone and the length of time is different for everyone though.

YES, I recommend an epidural. I hate needles, I really do. My three biggest fears: needles, bees (being stung with their needles), and the dentist (don't like their needles). But the epidural wasn't bad at all, and after 2+ days of no sleep and contractions, it was a blessing to lay down, sleep, dilate, and not feel a thing. It was W-O-N-D-E-R-FUL!!

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The Harner's said...

i totally agree with the epidural. i had never been so happy to get a shot. as for breastfeeding, i did it only for 2 months...mainly cuz i had to go back to work and i just couldn't do it anymore. but i did miss it. you go girl with the 10 1/2 months!