Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Question #6: When/How did you come to know Christ?

I grew up at church, and I had always known who God was, but it was in 9th grade at an Fellowship of Christian Athletes meeting that I first officially made a decision to follow Christ.

It was always hard for me to know "when" I came to know Him and it was something I secretly struggled with, like I needed an exact date to that. I didn't have a day where all of a sudden I did a 180 or was a different person. You know, how you hear someone was bad then was a new person after accepting Jesus. I didn't have an "ahh-haa" moment. I think I thought I needed to have that, so I probably prayed that prayer in FCA meetings 100 times, not kidding.

Later, I realized, that although my story was maybe "boring" to tell, the Lord had totally protected me from a lot of that stuff. I just naturally went from learning to accepting.

There came a time early in college when I felt led to get baptised. It was a freeing step for me because I was publicly confirming that Jesus was my Savior.

Of course, it's always a learning curve. I am still getting to know what it's like to know Him.

What's your story?

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lindsay said...

My story is strikingly similar to yours...except I accepted him while helping my grandmother teach VBS:) There is a bit of a faith/doubt struggle when you don't make a drastic lifestyle change, isn't there?