Monday, January 12, 2009

Doctor Appts, Our weekend, and a Video!

Bella woke up early Friday and had a temperature. We went to the doc and she had her first ear infection. By the end of the day, she was on the mend!
We visited Heather, Harris and Hadley Friday night. Morgan joined and we headed to dinner. Oh my gosh, three girls and three babies. It was fun. Leigh Ann joined up with us later, and it was a good night of conversation, blind date talking and cookie eating.
Look at these two peas in a pod:
Bella and I spent the night and got up in the morning to play and watch Harris dance to a cool video. Then we went to the playground Heather always raves about. It was fun, but cut short by the colder-than-we-thought weather. Oh, and before we left for the playground, a full bath for them all. Check out her blog for some funny pictures!
Saturday night Chris, Bella and I went to dinner at one of our regulars, and ran into the Masterson's. It was a great impromptu double date night.
Sunday Bella and I had a birthday party to attend, Connell turned 2! It was at a little play gym and all the kids had a great time. She loved the little stairs, the trampoline and the slide to the ball pit.
From Monkey Joe's - Connell's 2nd B-Day
From Monkey Joe's - Connell's 2nd B-Day

Today, she had her 15 month appointment. She got three shots IN THE ARM! I hated that. I had to hold her in my arms and she was clinging to me, like, "Mom, get them to stop!" It was over pretty fast, but man that is torture!!
She had a great checkup, ears are better, and she was 22 lbs (40th %) and 31 inches long (75th %) Growing like a weed!!!


Tara said...

Very Cute! I have a question? What does bella sleep in (bed with you, pack in play, crib?) when you guys are away from home? We have a few overnights coming up with Ramsey and I'm thinking the pack n play won't do the trick anymore? Just curious and thought I'd ask another mom who has a child about the same age.

b green said...

So cute, she is walking everywhere. It's crazy what a few weeks can do. Miss you guys.

shea said...

Katie, Bella is so sweet. I love the video of her talking on the phone. I know you have so much fun with her.

JJ said...

hi-i found your blog through katie r. and have enjoyed following you and your family:) bella is such a cutie. i was wondering where you got that play kitchen? it is so cute! i would love to get one like that for my little ones. thanks:) jj