Sunday, February 15, 2009


Hi folks. I just haven't been up to bloggin' lately, I don't know why. Well, my own blog, that is. I still read all of yalls! I'm thinking of taking a break, we'll see how long that lasts.
Bella is cute as ever. She had a little cold / runny nose this weekend. But we got lots of rest and I think we've recovered.
She's running all over the place now; loves to be chased. We bought some big girl shoes at Stride Right for the first time. She's growing too fast.
She helps around the house. It's amazing how much of what I say she understands. For example, closing the dishwasher, lay down, give this or that to dad/bandit/astro/mom, etc.
Basically, she's awesome.
If you've missed us, here are some pictures of what we've been doing a lot of lately:
Going to the Park:
From iPhone
From iPhone
Having fun styling Bella's hair. See those curls?
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From iPhone
And look at this cute dress from Gap that I got at a consignment shop for $1.50!
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Stroller and Wagon Rides to the park:
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And sporting her first black eye:
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julie said...

Had to mention the black eye!!! Love y'all & yes, you were missed. Don't quit blogging...

The Jacobs Family said...

No breaks allowed when you have a child as cute a Bella. Besides she is my inspiration on a bad day when I feel like I will never get pregnant. yes I am guilting you into blogging.

whittakerwoman said...

Yes... a black eye... tough girl! H

April said...

I couldn't have said it better myself. I am totally uninspired to blog, but I like keeping up with everyone's blogs.

b green said...

She is so cute. I love her. She's a lil fighter, already gettin black eyes. I've given her daddy quite a few black eyes in his life.

Chelsie said...

black eye?? please explain before i call DFACS!

shea said...

Um, no. You can't stop. At least keep posting pictures of your pretty little family. :)