Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Date Night

Saturday we had a fun date night.
We've been so busy lately with life, and even though we know we shouldn't, I think we take date nights for granted. So I am voting for more of these.
We shared DeeDee with The Blossom's for babysitting. Coltan and Bella are so cute together. They were giving each other kisses and hugs! Check out some pics on their blog!
Chris and I took Phil Wickham and his road manager, Daniel, out to dinner. He lead worship at Buckhead today so was in town for the weekend. He was a cool guy.
We then met up with the Blossom's at Garrison's for dessert, drinks and great conversation! They are so easy to talk to. And it's cool to spend time with people in your same stage in life.
Chris joked that my blog has turned into a "mom blog". I guess that's what I do a lot of! But we are going to make an effort to do more dates and blog about that :)


KBInsogna said...

LOVE the new look of your blog! Hope you are having a good week!

Katie B said...

Fun! We are having our first night away next weekend and I am really excited! BTW--did you know Beth Moore was at your church the other weekend? She was visiting her daughter, Melissa, who lives in ATL and goes to Buckhead church- Beth blogged about it...wondering if you saw her?