Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sliding at the Park

From The Park
We have lots of great playgrounds around the park. The closest is on our block, however, I haven't been much a fan of it in the past because it doesn't have swings. But, Bella has now mastered the slide by herself! Even crawling up to the top. It's the little things they do everyday to make you realize how fast they grow.
Another great thing about slides, STATIC HAIR! :)
From The Park
Help me down!
From The Park
Sweet Pics of Bella and Daddy:
From The Park
From The Park
From The Park


b green said...

I've had the absolute gift to be raised with Chris, being that he is not just a mentor to me, but a guide for my own future and life. KT has been a phenominal testament to what a wife, mother, and sister should be, and I say all of that to say I love you guys. To see that pic with Chris and Bella brings tears to my eyes bc I have watched him become the man he is now. I didn't mean to get all emo on this, but I feel so honored to be his twin, to be KT's brother in law, and to be an uncle to the most beautiful baby I have ever seen. My heart is full. One love.

Anisa said...

hey katie!

so glad to find your blog and all its gorgeous pictures! bella is a doll...the pic of her and chris is so special.

kristymasterson said...

i love what brian wrote! i need a twin.

julie said...

Yes, how can you top Brian's comment. I too love the pic of Bella & Chris. Love the green family

"GG" said...

I cannot express the depth of emotion I felt when I saw the pictures of Chris and Bella. And then to read Brian's emotional message to those he holds dearest made me so proud as the mother of two of the most wonderful men I know! All of you make me so grateful to our Lord for giving us such precious gifts. It truly is the little things that make us the happiest! God bless you all!