Saturday, May 23, 2009

Friends and Aquarium Visit

This weekend, our friends Kyle and Beth are visiting from Sarasota. They were like our college roommates during our first year of marriage. They weren't actually roommates, but next door neighbors in both of our first apartments, in both of our first years of marriage, in Atlanta, during such a fun time in life. We'd camp out together to watch tv (a.k.a. the show "Newlyweds". Beth was very sad to see Jessica and Nick break up.) Although we have visited them a few times since their big move, we had not seen each other in 2 years or met each other's kids! Aubrey is 10 months old and such a cutie!
Friday we went to the aquarium (Bella's first visit!) It was great to see them. It's always fun to see people you just click with, and for it to seem like no time has passed at all.


julie said...

They are such great friends that you will always have that connection with. What a beautiful little girl. I especially love the daddy/stroller pic. And the jellyfish. Wow.

Henderson 5 said...

I've got to ask what kind of camera y'all use? You always have the best pictures!