Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day weekend

We had a great Mother's Day weekend!

Friday, Chris planned a day of surprises for me. He and Bella took me to brunch at La Madeline. Then, he dropped me off at the spa!! I had a wonderful massage and facial. It was a great, relaxing gift and something I wouldn't buy myself.

Saturday, we visited Chris' parents, Poppy and GG, and Uncle Brian for mother's day. Sunday, we visited my parents for mother's day and birthday's (My dad's, mom's and aunt's!)

We are so thankful for our two wonderful mother's and what they mean to us. No gift to them could ever show them how much we love them! But we sure enjoyed hanging out with them.

Here are some pictures of the weekend. Remember, you can always click on any of them to see the rest from the weekend.

Taking a ride on the lawnmower:

Singing "The Wheels on the Bus" ("The mama on the bus goes "shhh shhh shhh")

Flirting with this little boy:

Ok, this is a terrible picture of me (I was sick all weekend, and look it) but it is a good pic of my mom and grandmother!

How cool is this shot Chris took? This is up in the ol' treehouse:

Her cute outfit. I swear she is getting so tall, getting so much hair... getting too old!

Bella and G-Diddy: The sign is funny, but I like the other next to the pool that says "We don't skinny-dip, we chunky-dunk!"
I love being a mom, and specifically, a mom to Bella. It's the best job in the world, and mother's day is just a reminder of that. And is just puts in perspective all our mom's did and do for us. It's a wonderful thing, and I wouldn't trade being a girl or being a mom for anything.

Hope all of you had an enjoyable Mother's Day!!


"GG" said...

We loved spending time with you all on Saturday and it was a great Mother's Day Weekend! The only thing better than... that even comes close to comparing to being a mom to Brian and Chris is being a Grandmother to Bella and ???!!! I cannot imagine life without any of you! Life is good and love being Grandmother Green (GG)!!!

Tara said...

Happy Mother's Day. I just had to comment that I LOVE LaMadeline too!!! It is mine and my Moms favorite. I can't get enough of the strawberries romanoff. Yummmy and the tomato basil soup. Heck yeah!

julie said...

You are so right. It is so much fun being a mom. And Bella makes it even better. And seeing her play in the treehouse that your dad built for y'all is so great. Thank you to all of you for making my Mother's Day/Birthday special.

Lindsey said...

Bella is an absolute doll!!!! Happy Mom's Day!