Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fall Photos at the Park

These are from last week - a night after work at the playground. Miss Personality!

Running to the playground

Fun with Daddy

Soaking up the time with just the three of us. Seems like yesterday we were doing the same with "just the two of us". The Little Green Family is growing!

36 weeks tomorrow. Due Date is Nov 25th, but we've scheduled an induction for the 19th if she doesn't come on her own before! Three more weeks at most... crazy!

We've been SUPER busy working on the back of the house addition... pictures coming soon. Sheetrock is being finished in the next day or two and we are so excited. Chris has had many late nights doing the electrical. He's the best.

I've washed the baby clothes, and now Chris and I have been in a nesting mode...


Nana said...

Love is growing!What sweet pictures - such pure joy! She is expressing exactly how I feel every time I see her! Can't wait for Farrah to get here!

Tara said...

Bella is so adorable! She is going to be an excellent big sister. I am super excited for you guys.

b green said...

Aw, she is getting more and more beautiful! I am so exciting about meeting Farrah!

Klee said...

Are yall making a cool room for Farrah like you did for bella?
if so.. i'd love to see pictures!

Stephanie said...

bella looks so good in that blue!

can't wait to hear how you love having 2 girls!